Avon Naturals HERBAL Glowing Moisturizing Mask and Cream-My Views!

ABOUT: NEEM the herbal miracle is known to have brightening, moisturising, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. This winter Avon launches Naturals Herbal cream and mask infused with Neem rich in anti-oxidants and essential vitamins for brighter moisturised skin from 1st use onwards!


Naturals Herbal Cream & Mask also has Linzhi, a rare mushroom that is used as a preventive measure and to strengthen body immunity. The herbal ingredients Neem and Linzhi will leave skin looking radiant, energized and rejuvenated. The cream & mask come with three beauty benefits:

  • Makes your skin glow
  • Renews your skin
  • Improves skin smoothness


The mask is enriched with Neem & Linzhi, which will replenish & lighten your skin tone. It effectively cleanses dirt, oil and other impurities, leaves skin fully hydrated making one’s skin supple! It rejuvenates your skin texture to make it look healthier and bright.

PRICE:rs.249 for 50gm

PACKAGING:The packaging is simple with a cream-colored squeezy tube having a green colored flap.The packaging is nothing fancy.It is sturdy and easy to use.The mouth of the tube does gets messy but it can be cleaned easily.Information about the product is provided at the back.



MY VIEWS:I have used this mask thrice and I am loving it so far.The mask provides a cooling sensation on application which is amazing in this super hot weather.It is a Kaolin and Xanthan Gum based mask.The mask itself is quite emollient and spreads easily.It inst dry but very creamy.I love how my face feels after using this.It provides a very refreshing feeling.


This  mask has neem in it and I can be slight burning sensation after I fully apply this.That burning sensation is basically ts or near the zits or redness on my face.I feel that the mask comes into action in clearing away all that.The mask has mild neem fragrance which I love.The mask is quite hyrdrating.I can notice my dullness going away as my face feels fresh but the glow part is still missing.



RECOMMENDATION:This is a great mask for all skin types as it is soothing and very refreshing.The mask is hydrating as well.I highly recommend trying this out as it isn’t very expensive and great for summers.

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