Professional Makeup Brush Concealer Review

I recently hauled few brushes from La Makeup Affaire.I was on a lookout for some nice face brushes and these seemed to be promising.I have reviewed the bent tip liner brush before and I was very happy with the performance of the brush.Now,I have this concealer brush with me which is another amazing brush.


PRICE: I got this brush for rs.650


PACKAGING:The concealer came in a transparent packet which I removed.It has a wooden handle that is black in color and a golden upper part.The bristles are black and white in colour.


THE BRUSH: Lately,I have become obsessed with brushes be it foundation,setting or concealer brush.I have been using this brush for about 2 weeks and I am very happy with the finish that I achieve with this.I is very easy to use and helps in blending the concealer really well.I have used this brush with light coverage concealers as well as heavy coverage one and it works well with both.The bristles are really soft.They don’t shed and are great for under eye area.I just  apply the concealer under the eyes and use this brush in circular motion to blend the concealer out.It doesn’t leave any streaky marks or let the concealer settle in the lines.


Other than eyes,I have used this brush for applying concealer on problem areas as well and I find it performing equally well there also.I love the bristles as they are very soft and gentle on skin.


RECOMMENDATION:It is a steal.I highly recommend getting hands on this concealer as it is value for money product.The brush is soft and performs really well.