Glam’s Secrets SKETCH PEN EYE LINER-Black Ink Review ,Swatches & EOTD

So,after the amazing eye pencil,I have this pretty Sketch Pen from the same brand.I must say,I am truly stunned by the quality of the products.These are definitely must-haves.Check on the full review to know more:


ABOUT:SKETCH PEN is an ink liner pen formula providing smooth and precise application creating a highly pigmented, intense black line that is quick drying and non-feathering. Free of parabens. Different innovative tips provide ultimate control, even & precise lines and smooth application without skipping..



  • Excellent colour pay-off
  • Even & playful lining
  • Ultra-fine or dramatic line



  • Silky
  • Waterproof
  • Quick drying
  • Transfer-proof
  • No feathering
  • No skipping
  • No running
  • Smudge-proof
  • Lasts all day (14 hours and more)
  • Comes off easily without a trace


PRICE: Rs.499.You can easily buy this eye liner from The Make-Up House for rs.350.Check out the page,it has got some amazing brands that aren’t easily available.


PACKAGING: True to its name,it is indeed a sketch pen style liner.The packaging is nothing fancy but it is tidy and sleek.It is travel-friendly and convenient to use.I totally love the  sharp and pointed tip for precise application.



MY VIEWS: The liner is true black with an amazing tip that is great for thinnest line across the lids that can be thickened with 2-3 swipes.I love such liners as I like thin liner for daily use.It is jet black.The liner is waterproof.It settles to a semi-matte finish which is great as too matte finish looks flaky and too glossy finish takes away the classiness of the look.

Left:single swipe,Right: 2-3 Swipes

Left:single swipe,Right: 2-3 Swipes

Semi-matte is what I love.It doesnt fade,the intensity is outstanding and the staying power is definitely a hit.On my eyes,it stays for about 7-8 hours.If I wear proper eye makeup ie. eyeshadows,then I need to layer the liner to get the desired intensity.It doesn’t flake nor chips off.





RECOMMENDATION:I highly recommend trying this sketch pen as well as the eye pencil as it is reasonably priced and the quality is pretty amazing.