Oriflame The ONE Eye Liner Stylo Black Review, Swatches

ABOUT:Oriflame The ONE Eyeliner Stylo has a soft felt tip which delivers a smooth, precise line without dragging or stopping.  It is suitable for contact lens wearers, and is Ophthalmologically tested.  The intense pigments deliver rich colour intensity and have been given a positive response of 99% when consumer tested on 67  women. Also it lasts upto 24 hours.


PRICE:rs.499 for 0.8ml


PACKAGING:The packaging is quite simple and nothing fancy.It has a normal pen style packaging and a little thick tip as compared to normal pen liners available.I find this tip better for precise application and it is great for beginners.It is easy to store,find and is travel friendly.



SHADE:The One eye liner stylo in Black is a deep intense black.It is glossy on application but becomes semi-matte after a while.


MY VIEWS:The liner looks quite wet on application but soon dries up.It doesn’t sting to eyes and application is super easy with it.The thick tip enables precise application and it is easy to apply a single line in 1 stroke.




Normally,it is difficult to get even line with liquid liners but there is no such issue with this liner.It is not waterproof but stays put for about 7-8 hours.I love how intense it looks on eyes.


It is difficult to remove this liner with normal cleanser so an oil based cleanser is needed.


RECOMMENDATION: Yes,I recommend this to those who are new to pen style application of liquid liner or those who want precise application.However,this might not be the best pick for those who prefer absolute matte finish and thin line.

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Loose Powder Illuma Flair Review

ABOUT:Ultra-fine loose powder in a translucent formula to suit every skin tone. Sets make-up, keeping complexion shine-free and flawless. Contains light-reflecting Illuma Flair™ complex for a natural and luminous result in any light.


PRICE:rs.649 for 7 gm


PACKAGING:The packaging is simple but I like it as the transparent round body with a black cap makes the overall packaging look sleek.It has a swifter inside to control the amount of product that comes out.However,my tub got upside down and the entire powder has come up.


SHADE:The powder itself is white in color but once applied,it dusts off and has a translucent effect.It is a great product as it provides a matte finish without altering the shade of the foundation.


MY VIEWS:The texture of the powder is very smooth.It is finely milled and doesn’t feel abrasive on skin.It is easy to apply and blends easily into the skin giving a matte appearance to the face.However,it doesn’t make the face look flat but adds a soft glow to it.It doesn’t provide a white cast also.


I am using this for over a month now and loving it as it quickly makes the face matte and I am ready to go. Also,the matte look stays for about 6 hours max which is quite impressive.However,this might not be your choice if you are looking for a powder that provides coverage.


RECOMMENDATION:I highly recommend checking this out.It is very soft and delicate in texture.The formula is great and it is worth the price tag.

Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm(Coconut) Review,Swatches & Pics

ABOUT:A totally versatile pot of magic based on bees wax and vegetable oils. Use on sides of eyes, lips, face, cuticles or any area which is dry, sore or roughened to instantly restore softness.


PRICE:rs.249 for 15ml.



PACKAGING:The packaging is uber cute and one of the main reason to stock this balm.I have tried the Vanilla one before and loved it but I couldn’t resist this coconut one for the chocolate outer packaging which adds a further touch of luxe to the wonderful product.The code number of the balm is provided below.


THE BALM:The balm is a rich emollient petroleum jelly kind of product. It is very similar to Vaseline but this one is less thick and less sticky in texture.


MY VIEWS:Its been more than 3 years I have been using these protective balms and they have always shown results.I have been using this on dry lips,cuticles,rough toes,dryness around the nose and this little beauty helped me solve all the products.It is very moisturizing but not greasy.


The balm instantly gets absorbed into the skin.It doesn’t make my skin look oily even in summers.The result is also immediate as the dryness goes away quickly.I love the mild coconut fragrance that it has.It is very light and soothing.The formula is great for everyone,for dry skinned as well as oily skinned but over application can definitely lead to greasiness.


RECOMMENDATION:I have used so many creams,gels and lotion but my final resort is always on this.It is an essential product in my vanity and I will continue to use it forever.

Oriflame The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eyeshadow Review, Swatches & EOTD

ABOUT: Oriflame Claims:

  • Easy to apply and blend for even results.

  • Cream to powder like texture – goes on creamy and transforms to a powder for colour intensity

  • Supreme pigment pay off

  • Pearly to matte shades with a velvetty sheen.


PRICE:Rs.449 for 4gms


PACKAGING:Oriflame The ONE Eyeshadows come in round tubs with screw on caps. The tubs are transparent hence you can easily identify a particular shade.The tub is easy to use and travel friendly.



SHADE:Intense Plum is a very gorgeous plum with warm taupe brown undertones.It is a great shade for smoky looks.I have used it many times now I am always happy with the results.You don’t need many products to achieve a smoky look when you use this.The shade has tiny shimmer specks that are very minute.



MY VIEWS: The texture of the eye shadow is buttery smooth.It is easy to apply without any crumbling or streaking effect.The formula is very easy to use and you don’t need to dig your brush or swipe it again and again to get the product.It doesn’t fade out or creases for good 6-7 hours which is quite impressive.


The shade itself is decently pigmented and 1-2 swipes are enough to get intense shade.Also,you can sheer it out as per need.It works great as an eye shadow base as well.I have tried using this under Bourjois eyeshadows and it did increase the shade intensity of the powder shadows and provide metallic effect.



You can use this alone with some brown shadow in the crease for a plum smoky look or accentuate the look by adding more colors.


RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend trying this cream shadow as it is quite reasonably priced and the formula is great.There are more colours in the range from light to darks. Do give a try!!

Oriflame Power Shine Satin Lipstick-NUDE LUSTRE Review & Swatches

The world’s first ever lipstick using powder core technology gives the shine benefits of Power Shine with a new satin twist. Sparkling Power Shine core, created with 3D light reflecting technology, is edged by concentrated powder pigment, bringing long-wearing intense colour with a satin finish.

Available in 6 sensual shades of Nude, Clover, Pink, Mauve, Red and Brown, the lipstick gives a rich colour and lasting stay. Packaged exclusively in a new Satin foil pack, Oriflame Power Shine Satin Lipstick indulges you in the spirit of love and passion.


PRICE: Rs. 398/- for 1.6 g

PACKAGING: The packaging is quite nice with a metallic outer bullet.It is sturdy and travel friendly. The shade name and code number is provided at the bottom.



SHADE:Nude Lustre is a pretty MLBB nude with a hint of pink to it.It is a great everyday wear shade.The shade has silver shimmer in it that are really minute.


MY VIEWS: The texture is soft and creamy.There are two cores – the shine one & the satin one. These lipsticks feel very light weight and moisturizing on lips . It actually feels like satin on your lips.Pigmentation is pretty good too, considering they are so moisturizing. Staying power is around 3-4 hours which is good.The lipstick goes on so smoothly.The shimmer present is minute and non-gritty.It doesn’t feel abrasive but when the lipstick wears off,I can see the shimmer settled in the lip lines.



RECOMMENDATION: Definitely,if you loved the earlier ones then you will be surely like this formula.I am completely hooked on this!!

They have a fruity fragrance that i like.

Oriflame Beauty Wonder Colour Lipstick-Pink Nude Review & swatches

PRODUCT CLAIMS: Available in a wide range of gorgeous shades, Wonder Colour lives up to its name in every way: stunning, long-lasting colour so soft and creamy, it’s a pleasure to wear, and leaves your lips beautifully moisturised, thanks to avocado and jojoba oil.


PRICE:INR 349 for 4 gms.

PACKAGING: The packaging is nothing fancy.The lipstick comes in a deep purple colored outer packaging with a metallic bullet.It is sturdy and travel friendly.The shade name and code is provided at the bottom.



SHADE: As mentioned in the earlier post,Pink Nude is a very gorgeous muted mauve with slight brown undertones.The shade is uber pretty and it is one of those shades that will suit every skin tone.However,the intensity will definitely vary!!




MY VIEWS: The texture of the lipstick is buttery smooth.It blurs my lip lines and adds a healthy sheen to them.The formula is hydrating and very moisturising.It is great for those having dry lips.The lipstick doesnt bleed on overapplication.It has very mild,almost negligible amount of fragrance.The shade provides medium coverage which can be built up to certain extent but it won’t provide full coverage as the shade is light.


The shade is amazing to be carried with intense looks as well as for soft,subtle looks.I completely adore this shade to the core.It stays for about 4 hours maximum after which it begins to fade but the hydrating effect stays on and on.



RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend checking out this range as the formula is amazing.The shades are nice and this particular shade is a nice addition as it can be an everyday wear shade as well.

Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Powder-Bronze Review & Swatches

ABOUT:For a fresh, healthy-glow all year round! Lightly shimmering, delicately fragranced powder for highlighting and contouring the face. Combine with Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow for the perfect peachy complexion.


PRICE:329 INR for 8 gms.



PACKAGING:The peach me powder(bronzer) comes in a transparent round plastic packaging.I like the floral pattern printed on the bronzer.The Shade name,number and code are provided at the back.



SHADE:Out of the 2 shades;Clear and Bronze,I got the latter one which is more prominent as compared to the clear shade.It is light chocolate-brown with fine golden shimmer that are very  minute.



MY VIEWS:The texture of the powder is really smooth and it applies well to the skin.It is easy to blend.The powder is of dual use as along with provides warmth to the face,it adds slight glow as it has shimmer that aren’t much noticeable on face but they do leave an impact.The powder is finely milled.It has mild fragrance that is pleasant.I like how the shade right amount of warmth to the face without looking over odne.It is decently pigmented and a great shade for contouring as well.It stays for about 5-6 hours but shimmer goes off soon.



RECOMMENDATION:The powder is a nice bronzer available at a decent price.The texture,formula and over all performance is great.I highly recommend checking this out.It is matte but with slight shimmer.