Thin Tip Elbowed Eyeliner Brush- Review & Pics

Recently I hauled a few stuff from La Makeup Affaire. I was on a lookout for some nice bent liner brush and my search finally ended here.

PRICE: rs.750


PACKAGING:The brush came in a transparent outer packet with a transparent cap covering the tip.It is clean and easy to store and use.


THE BRUSH: I just love this brush to the core.It is perfect for applying winged liner like a pro.The bent angle helps a lot and easy application of winged liner.It is easy to hold and rest the hand for precise application.


The bristles are tightly packed together for thin liner application but I can easily apply a thick layer also.It helps in applying streak free line with ease.I am really happy with the result.The liner has white bristles which did stain after using it.It is easy to clean also.



RECOMMENDATION:It is reasonably priced and I love how well it performs.My winged liner is applied with ease and I get a crisp line which I totally love.I highly recommend checking this out!!