Pond’s White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel Review & Pics

ABOUT:It claims to give glowing refreshed fair skin after wash without drying the skin as it has oxy-gel formula with pearl essence.


PRICE:rs.95 for 50gms,165 for 100gm

PACKAGING:The face wash comes in a pink and white plastic tube with a flip cap.The packaging is nothing new and very Ponds’ type.It is easy to use and dispense out the product.Also,it is travel friendly.

IMG_1490 IMG_1498

MY VIEWS:The face wash is transparent thick gel type devoid of any granules.It is dense and a small amount is only needed for one time use.


The face wash is easy to work out with and lather very well.It is mild and not very strong.It has a floral fragrance reminiscent to all Pond’s products.I use it once a day.It provides a fresh feel to the face.It is not one of those face washes that  leave your face squeeky clean taking away all the oil from the face.The moisture level of my face doesn’t go down however it removes all the dirt nicely.



RECOMMENDATION:It is a very typical of Pond’s face wash.Apart from the name,the formula and everything is the same.The claims of pearl essence are still under doubt.My favorite is Pond’s tan removal scrub/face wash!!

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