My Velvette Bag-October 2103


I received my Velvette Bag few days back. Other than the bag instead of the box there is nothing which excites in the whole experience and is making me think that is it worth all the wait and money.You may check the review for the September 2013 Bag here.


The contests of the bag :



1. Vanity Energizing Shampoo + Cool Water Shower Gel (Full size) (MRP : 401)

2. Florelle True Khol Pencil (Full Size) (MRP: 250)

3. SK-II Facial Treatment  Cleansing Gel (10 ml)

Vanity Energizing Shampoo + Cool Water Shower Gel

Vanity Energizing Shampoo + Cool Water Shower Gel


Florelle True Khol Pencil


SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel

Does any product worth the whole beauty bag hype ?? Had I wanted to buy Vanity shower gels & Shampoos, I would not be subscribing to a beauty bag for it. The whole idea of a beauty bag as what I understand is to try products that suit me as per the whole questionnaire filled at the time of creating the profile at the site. I had also mentioned this in my September 2013 bag/box review. And to add to the disappointment that I had on opening the bag was that the SK-II Facial Treatment Cleaning Gel Sample that I received was manufactured in April 2012. Leave me with the whole delima whether to use it or discard it???

I am sure that I would be not renewing my subscription to the Velvette Bag/Box. How has your experience been ???