Ultraflesh matte lipstick-Fragile review & swatches

So,this is the small bullet with me.Believe me,it is a showstopper!!!

ABOUT:Ultraflesh has two sets fro lipsticks-one is perfect pinks and the other is perfect reds.

I have one shade from the pink set and love it like anything.


Each box contained 6 lipsticks – there are 3 shades and each shade has a matte version as well as a sheer one.The six colors span the pink spectrum.

  • Ethereal (matte golden pink)
  • Tender (matte baby pink)
  • Fragile (matte hot pink)
  • Ethereal (sheer golden pink)
  • Tender (sheer baby pink)
  • Fragile (sheer hot pink)

I have the Fragile shade with matte finish.


PRICE:The whole set is available for 30$ online.

Each lipstick weighs 1.2 gm which is very less as you can see in the pic below…


However,i really like such quantity so that i can  finish up at least one lipstick from the many lying with me!!!

SHADE:The shade is a matte hot pink with slight purple tones.A statement pink in its own.


MY VIEWS:The texture the lipstick si matte but not over drying but you need a lip balm underneath otherwise it will settle in the lip lines.It stays for about 5-6 hours and leaves a pinky stain on lips.



I prefer applying it on exfoliated lips but in the swatches below,i had not exfoliated my lips but it did not accentuate them!!



  • the shade is amazing.
  • the texture is smooth.
  • matte but not drying.
  • statement lip sin a small piece…wow!!
  • I love the small black matte packaging.
  • decent staying power.



  • has to be purchased online.
  • little quantity.
  • it would have been better to include different shades rather than having hues of pink.
  • the lipstick can settle in the lip lines.

RATING: 3.5/5

RECOMMENDATION: This is available in a 6 piece set having different shades and finishes of pink.If you are a pink lover then i surely recommend you to buy it otherwise having 6 pink shades is too much.