Winged Liner made Easy-Step by Step Tutorial

I love sporting a winged liner as it goes with every look,gives a polished look to the face and is never out of trend.I have got many requests for doing a tute on winged liner so here I am,with an easy peasy way to achieve the perfect winged liner look in just 4 steps: ??????????????????????????????? 1) You can do this without any eyeshadow or with proper eye makeup.I concealed my eyes and applied a duo chrome mauve shade. 006-crop-horz 2) Now,draw a line upwards from the point where your lower lash finishes.The winged liner should come out as a continuance of your lower lashline. 010-crop-horz 3) This is the most important step to achieve the winged effect.Keep one eye close(which you are working on) and draw a line(from the top of the outer winged line that we drew) inside towards the middle of the eye as seen in pic 3. You can go ahead and draw further towards the inner corner keeping the line as thin as possible. 014-crop-horz 4) Now,what we are left with is to fill the gap to form the winged liner.After filling,it comes out as shown in pic 4.This is quite thin for me so I made it a bit more bolder by thickening the winged liner following the same pattern. ???????????????????????????????  After this,I applied a nude kohl in the waterline and to glam it up,I used a blue liner and smudged it in the lower lashline.The ends of the blue liner and the winged liner meet in such a way that they make my eyes appear big.  ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? 

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????   This is my way of apply a winged liner.I find it easy and quick as I know where to start and where to end.I hope you all liked it and found it useful.

I will be doing a tute on Feline Flick next…