TRESemmé introduces the new Split Remedy Range

Looking for a Scissor Free Solution to Split-Ends???


One of the favourite hair care brands of New York’s fashionistas, TRESemmé, has always been driven by a simple truth; every woman deserves to look fabulous as if she has just stepped out of a salon. Recommended by hair stylists all over the world, TRESemmé unveils the secret of split end rescued, salon style hair at home every day with the new TRESemmé Split Remedy Range.

Women often complain of a bad hair day and hide their tresses compromising on style. Split ends, as a matter of fact, may actually be one of the reasons why women experience a bad hair day and hide their tresses. Excessive use of heat styling tools, chemical processing, bleaching and prolonged exposure to sun are known to cause damage and may contribute to split ends.  Most women believe a salon haircut is the solution to get rid of split ends. Unfortunately, it makes one compromise on length as well as hairstyles.

TRESemmé understands women’s intrinsic desire for salon gorgeous hair at home and the need to style hair without compromise. Hence, it introduces its specially designed Split Remedy range, for women seeking a solution to split ends and enjoy their beautiful length.

The new range incorporates Amino Vitamin Blend and helps to rescue split ends, resulting in – easier to style, more manageable, shiny and stronger hair.

TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo gently cleanses hair of oil and dirt while the TRESemmé Split Remedy Rinse Out Conditioner conditions hair strands leaving your hair look healthy and stay smooth. TRESemmé Split Remedy is a salon quality formulation with Amino-vitamin blend and helps rescue up to 96% of split ends with use of shampoo and conditioner in just three washes for healthy-looking, smooth hair ready to style.

TRESemmé Split Remedy is the new secret to Diana Penty’s scissor free tresses. “My hair undergoes a lot of styling on a regular basis and split ends would rob my hair off its near perfect polished finish. The solution I resorted to until now was a haircut which meant compromising on my length, which is very dear to me. With theTRESemmé Split Remedy range, I have found an appropriate solution. TRESemmé Split Remedy is a quick and easy solution to achieve split ends rescued salon gorgeous look without compromise.”

TRESemmé Global Hairstylist, Marcus Francis, “Each of TRESemmé’ variants is unique and is formulated to work brilliantly for specific hair needs. The new Split Remedy is an amazing product that helps tackle a universal hair problem allowing women to experiment with different styles and lengths with confidence. One doesn’t need to compromise on their style quotient by hiding or cutting hair.”

Speaking at the launch of TRESemmé Split Remedy, Srinandan Sundaram, General Manager, Haircare, Hindustan Unilever Limited said, “Indian women aspire to attain salon like gorgeous hair. We at TRESemmé understand this intrinsic aspiration and have addressed this need of hair transformation for women at home with salon innovations. TRESemmé Split Remedy is our latest offering that will help women achieve salon like hair without compromise.”

How does it work?  The Innovative range contains Silicone, amino-vitamin blend and conditioning ingredients. All these ingredients from the formulation work in synergy to reduce split ends of hair fibre. The Silicone in the formulation has ability to form a lubricating layer on hair fibre. When hair is treated with shampoo and conditioner this layer helps to coat hair fibre to help bring hair fibres and split ends together. This layer also helps to reduce friction between 2 fibres and improve hair alignment

This also includes blend of vitamins- Vit H, Vit B3, Vit C and Vit E along with lysine all known nourishing ingredients. The formula also contains poly electrolyte complex, oppositely charged polymers which are known to aid bringing split ends together.

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New Dove Split Ends Rescue System


One of its kind range specially formulated to help bring split ends together.

New Dove Split Ends Rescue System with moisturizing milk that nourishes your hair and its breakthrough split-end technology brings your split-ends together to give you 4x less split-ends.  With Dove, get beautiful hair from end to end.


Every woman dreams of beautiful, gorgeous hair and while we do everything to keep it nourished, the ends sometimes tell a different story. Damaged hair or rough ends can lead to split-ends and is one of the most common problems that Indian women experience. Excessive combing, styling and daily exposure to environmental factors can leave hair at the tips feeling dry and brittle.

As hair grows, the natural protective oils of the scalp fail to reach the hair ends. Hence, they may appear thicker at the crown as compared to the tips. As the length of your hair increases, the tips of your hair become more prone to damaged. This along with exposure to the sun and excessive heat from hair dryers and hot irons can result in dry, brittle ends which are prone to splitting.  Everyday damage causes splitting or fraying of the hair-shaft leading hair fibers to split into two or three strands and go up to two to three centimeters in length. Result, you may love having long tresses but, split-ends keep you from following your heart.

When your hair splits up at the ends, the first thought that comes to your mind is to get a haircut or even manually splitting hair to get rid of the problem. Some of us hide it behind a bun or curl our hair inwards and maybe even hide it behind a stunning hair clip. But we know these tricks don’t really work on the problem of split ends.

Talking about split ends, Dr. Rohini Wadhwani, Medical Director, Skin Essentials said “Excessive use of heat or chemical treatments may strip hair of its protective layer resulting in weak and damaged hair that is vulnerable to split ends. To prevent hair from getting damaged women need to opt for a solution that offers them ProMend or Fiber active rich products that will mend the hair shafts together and protect hair from further damage.”

We tend to touch our hair countless times a day but do we stop to take a closer look at the hair ends? Here’s a quick check for split ends with the two-step

Dove Braid Test:

  • Braid your hair as you normally would
  • Rub the ends of your hair against your cheeks

If the hair feels rough, it can mean you have split ends.

To address this common hair concern among women, Dove introduces the new Split End Rescue System, with moisturizing milk that nourishes your hair giving you up to 4x lesser split ends. The breakthrough split-end technology with Fiber active helps bring your split ends together.

While ordinary conditioners assure repair, they only coat the surface of the hair shaft and do not penetrate deeper to restore the hair tips. The Dove Damage Solutions range is specially formulated to mend split ends and give you truly beautiful hair from root to tip that allows you to grow your hair at the desired length and try different braiding styles this season. This one of its kind range of shampoo and conditioner repairs split ends ensuring that hair looks beautiful till the ends and letting you opt for a slew of different braid styles from the simple French fishbone braid to the elegant strand braid with a touch of diamanté to perfect the look.

Dove Split Ends Rescue Shampoo is available in 8 ml for Rs. 3, 80ml for Rs. 68, 180 ml for Rs. 132, 340 ml for Rs. 225 and 650 ml for Rs. 349.

Dove Split Ends Rescue Conditioner is available in 75 ml for rs. 68 and 170 ml for Rs. 132.

Dove Split Ends Rescue System range ensures your hair is beautiful from end to end.  Now no more split ends…just beautiful hair!

It’s Always a Beautiful Ending with Dove!

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