Soft smokey eye look with a twist of Blue-Step by Step tutorial

I am digging into nude smoky looks a lot these days.These add a nice look to face and can be created with many neutral shades.I have been testing Zoeva naturally yours palette and did this look with the same palette.Here are the steps to achieve the look:

1) Prep and prime your lids.???????????????????????????????

2) Apply a light chocolate brown(soft & sexy) in the crease.This helps in blending of other shades easily.


3)Next,apply a medium brown(sweet sound) shade in the outer lid as well in the inner corner of the eyes.Leave a small area in between as shown in the pic.


4)Now,apply a matte black shade(timeless chic) over the medium brown.It adds intensity to the looks.A small gap is left where we will use another shade.


5)Now,I applied a champagne shade(smooth harmony) in the gap.It isn’t blended as yet.


6)Now,I blended the champagne shade using the same light chocolate brown.It used it to blend the champagne shade with the black shade and in the crease.


7)Next,I used a golden shade to highlight(casual elegance) my brows and in the inner corners of the lid.


8)I used the same matte black and applied it in the outer lower lid.


9) Now,I blended the black shade in the lower lid with chocolate-brown shade which creates a depth.I dont know why it is looking so grey in the pic.I blended it and pulled it towards upwards to add symmetry.

??????????????????????????????? In this step,I used the medium brown shade and filled my brows..Applied kohl in the waterline as well.

10) Now,I used a  gorgeous peacock green shade to line my eyes,.This step changed the look drastically without looking OTT. Applied mascara.


The final look:








Products used:




Hope you guys liked the look.I will be reviewing the palette soon!!

VOV Eyeshadow Duo Review,Swatches,EOTD

I got this duo as a gift from friend and I have used these 4-5 times.I have never had a  duo combination of classic black and grey for perfect smokey look and when she offered me this,I happily agreed.

PRICE:Rs.150 or so I am not sure.


PACKAGING:The packaging is simple and little flimsy with a plastic round black outer covering.Nothing is mentioned on the packaging about the shade or number or brand.No applicator provided!!


SHADES:The shades in the duo are-black and silver.The black shade has some colored particles though they don’t transfer on the lids neither are visible in the swatch.The silver grey is basic shade.


MY VIEWS:The texture of the shadows is smooth but not very soft and creamy.These are on slightly drier side and have to be swiped 3-4 times to get the shade.They have a little gritty feel though they apply well.The shades blend well with each other and the pigmentation does increase when used over a primer.The shades stay for about 4-5 hours on my lids.


I personally feel that the black shade should have been more intense to get the perfect look.



RECOMMENDATION:This is a good option for girls who are new to smokey eye look as it is reasonably priced.However,I feel the quality should have been better.


Neutral Smoky Eye Look-Step by Step Tutorial

I wanted to post this look yesterday but due to some reasons I couldn’t.This is easy to do and looks great.


Lets Start:

page 1

1) On properly moisturised eyes,apply an eye primer.

2)Apply concealer.

3)Next,i applied Maybelline color tattoo in bad to bronze.This will bring out the poder shadow shade more beautifully.

4)After that,I applied champagne shade eyeshadow on lids.

page 2

5) Then,I applied a soft brown shade in crease and blended it with the champagne shade.

6)After that,I made a winged line across my lids.

7) Highlighted my brown bone with matte white shadow and shimmer pink only at the arch.I applied soft plum shade on th elower lid leaving the corner of the eyes.

8)I used the same shimmery pink shade for highlighting the inner corners of the eye.

page 3

9) Filled my brows with chocolaty brown shade.Use white kohl to line my eyes and mascara.

paage 4

Products Used:


  •  Deborah Milano 24 ore perfect eye primer.
  • Revlon Photoready concealer.
  • Maybelline color tattoo Bad to Bronze
  • Mua Undress me Too eyeshadow palette..shade wink,naked and lavish.
  • Sleek Oh so special shade 2nd in the first row for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes.
  • Maybelline Hyper sharp liner.
  • Deborah Milano Absolute Hi-Tech mascara.
  • oriflame white kohl.

Hope you girls liked the look.

Da GLITTER Effect!! Step by Step Tute

I tried this look few days back.This is great to add oomph to smoky look.The glitter effect is simply amazing and I love the way it makes the look intensified yet wearable.

Following are the steps:

It is so easy to create and can be your’go to’ look for night outs and parties!!!


  • Prep and prime your eyes.Apply concealer and compact for oil free ,crease free look!!


  • Now,I used a black kajal and smudged it using a smudger. Smudge the kajal till the crease. I used Lakme iconic kajal. Totally loving it!!


  • After that I used a cream based eyeshadow. I applied L’oreal infallible forever pink in the center of the lids.It adds to the glitter effect and makes it more prominent.




  • Next,I applied glitter pigment in the center of the lids where i used the cream shadow!!
  • After that,I  blended the edges of the glitter pigment.Only the edges!!


  • I highlighted my brow bone with a taupe eye shadow!!


  • Now,I lined my lower lash line with kohl. I skipped the upper lash line just for a different effect.


  • Tight lined my upper and lower waterline.Added mascara.





Products used:???????????????????????????????

Hope you all like this look.

Do try and see the effect.It is fun,effective and really easy!!