Sephora Age Defy Moisture Cream spf15 Review & Pics


What it is:
An anti aging facial cream to reduce the appearance of fine lines and produce an even skintone.

What it is formulated to do:
This anti aging facial cream produces visibly younger-looking, beautiful skin. It contains a lipoaminoacid which supports natural collagen synthesis with flattering light-reflecting pigments and HydroSenn+TM, an ultra moisturizing natural ingredient that is more effective than hyaluronic acid. The perfect size to take for on-the-go use, this product is great for all skin types, protects against UVB rays, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and evens skin tone.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens

What else you need to know:
This product has been dermatologically tested.

Research results:
In a scientific test on 11 volunteers, 2 hours after application:
– 100% more moisturized skin

In a use test on 32 volunteers, 28 days after use:
– 87% smoothed fine lines
– 88% more radiant complexion
– 72% reduction of the appearance of deep wrinkles
– 94% firmer skin

PRICE: $30


PACKAGING:I got a sample size which is a simple squeeze tube in white having a black cap.The packaging is sturdy.Full sized packaging is very elegant in a glass tub .



COLOR: The sunscreen is a thick white colored cream.


MY VIEWS: The first thing you notice when you use this sunscreen is the pleasant fragrance.It isnt over powering but very subtle and pleasasnt.I like it a lot.The sunscreen is cream based.It is quite rich and moisturising.I have combination-oily skin and this is somewhat heavy for my skin.


It takes a while to get absorbed into the skin.However,I feel that it doesn’t completely sink into my skin and I feel that my makeup flakes when I use it.It feels a bit greasy and  if I rub my skin even a  bit,the cream starts coming off which is biggest negative point.It has spf 15 but the ingredients are enough to keep skin away from tanning.The sunscreen is great when you want a single layer.I prefer using it on a no makeup day.


RATING: 2.25/5

RECOMMENDATION:The formula is definitely good for those having dry skin as it is very hydrating.It has low spf but it does prevents tanning.However,it flakes and reduces the staying power of the makeup so I will skip this and not recommend it to those having oily combination skin!