QVS Eyeliner brush review &pics

ABOUT:Define your lash line with one, quick easy stroke with our precision eyeliner brush. The tip has been ergonomically designed to arch toward your eye, making application easier. The soft synthetic bristles are perfect for liquid, gel and paste eyeliner.




PACKAGING:The packaging is similar to other QVS brushes that come in a plastic pouch.This brush has a black plastic body that looks really good and elegant.It is easy to store and is travel friendly.The tip of the brush is secured in a plastic cap which can come off easily.



MY VIEWS:After trying 2 Brushes from QVS ,i bought this brush for using it for lining the eyes.I have gel liners but the brushes that comes along are of no use so I went ahead to try an eyeliner brush from this brand.The brush has a thick tip but the bristles are very fine and firmly packed together.It is easy to handle and use.However,this brush is more helpful when you want a thick line across the eyes.


There are times when I need a thin line of eyeliner for a no makeup look but this brush is mainly useful for thick winged liners or a thick line as the tip is quite dense and thick.However,it is a good liner brush for beginners as it will help then to gain control over precise application.The bristles are soft and non-abrasive.It is easy to clean with a mild cleanser.

RATING: 3.75/5

RECOMMENDATION:I find this to be a decent brush but not very useful if you want a thin liner look.However,the bristles are good and this is a great brush for beginners.