Ponds White Beauty™ Tan Removal Scrub-My Views

ABOUT:Light, radiant and fresh skin is a function of two attributes: Gentle Cleansing and Scrub.
New Tan Removal scrub gently cleanses skin to remove excess oil and dead skin cells. It also scrubs off the tanned top layer of dead skin cells, so that the skin’s natural fairness is revealed. New Pond’s White Beauty™ Tan Removal Scrub gives you a reason to love the sun and at the same time reverse tan and restore fairness.

The Formulation: The formulation contains TanSolve™ and 50% brightening cream. TanSolve™ beads are particles designed with varying size and shape to provide controlled breakdown, delivering scrub action. Tan removal scrub cleanses thoroughly and gently scrubs away the dead cells and daily tan restoring natural fairness. Hence, it effectively reverses tan and restores fairness.


How To Use:

Wet face, gently massage scrub onto face and rinse off. Do not use on delicate under eye area/ active acne/ irritated or broken skin.


PRICE:rs.160 for 100gm


PACKAGING:The packaging is simple with a white-pink flip-top squeezy tube.It is nothing fancy but sturdy and looks fresh and neat.The product information is provided at the back.


MY VIEWS:The texture of the scrub is quit thick but not very hard or the one that is difficult to work out.It is typical of those Pond’s face wash textures.The scrub with pearly white with pink colored scrub-particles/granules that dissolve into the skin once you start scrub the product on to the face.It makes the face squeaky clean and I definitely see it making a big difference as all the dirt,new tan is washed away.I have made this a part of my skin care regimen and use it everyday after exposure to sun.


However,I would like to tell that this scrub might not suit very dry skin as it takes away the oil of the face and I generally apply a gel based moisturizer or serum after using this.It has never broken me out.The scrub granules are very tiny and non-gritty.I have used this scrub even when I have small zits but it did not irritate them.I would call it more of a texture cleanser than a scrub as it lathers well when rubbed.


RECOMMENDATION:It’s a perfect scrub+cleanser for me these day and I use it everyday.The results are quite noticeable on my face and I highly recommend this to those who are mostly out in the sun.It might not be so much effective on old tan but I am sure it wont let new tan begin if you use it everyday.