MEMEBOX Super Box #58 Lipstick Box – Unboxing

Today we have another MEMEBOX unboxing for you. MEMEBOX is very addictive, you can never stop at one box. You will want all boxes that get launched almost on a daily basis. MEMEBOX is the #1 Korean beauty online retailer in the world. Each Superbox comes with its own theme, and contains only full-sized items.


This is for all you lipstick junkies out there. You can go through the rest of this month with the same pand try something totally new. Team Memebox has hand-picked these super rich, super beautiful lipsticks that will become your new lip favourite. From unabashed bold hues to classic shades, you’ll be ready to sport some vicious lips with these hot lippies from top-of-the-line Korean brands.












Shara Shara Feminine Glossy Lipstick

Rich in color formation and smoothly applying in texture, this Feminine Glassy lipstick offers a wide array of color options and it effectively coats your lip with a high level of radiance and long-lasting suppleness, which comes from its gentle formula enriched with Damascus rose oil and rosehip seed extracts.


Enesti Bijou Bijou Lipstick No. 36

Enesti Lipstick boosts its high purity pastel color formation which creates that perfect moist. Voluminous cherry-like lip makeup so loved among Korean celebs and beauty aficionados.


Cheek Room Lipstick

Cheek Room’s moisturising lipstick instantly adds abundant color radiance and firmness to your lip with just a single touch. It’s glide onto lips velvet smooth and offers luminous pearling and emollient effects.


Karadiuom Movie Star Lipstick

Karadium’s famous Movie Star Lipstick combines a lip balm, a tint and a gloss altogether in one smart lipstick. It’ll protect and maintain the moisture level of your lip all day long while offering the perfectly long-lasting, waterproof, vivid and non-sticky glossiness.


Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick

Hope Girl’s Milky balm Lipstick is the ultimate creamy smooth long-lasting lipstick that stays put for up to 10 hours. Get famously beautiful lips that stand out from the crowd with these gorgeous lip colors packed with Vitamin E. It’s guaranteed to keep your lips feeling smooth and looking marveloues every second of the day. Plus how can you resist his perfectly cute packaging.


I Myss 3D Cinema Transform Lipstick

A magical lipstick that changes its color when applied to the lips, the 3D Cinema Transform Lipstick is not only fun & Unique but also effective in delivering colourful vibrancy and softening dry, chapped lips. The Pastel Blue applies on with a light pink hue, The Sexy Red with a more vivid redness, the Pink Red with a coral shade, The Funny Yellow with an orange hue and the Wine Purple with a purplish violet color.


I am very tempted to try all the lipsticks. Will be coming up soon with individual reviews & swatches soon. Which one catches your eye ??

Bottega Di LungaVita


I had recently attended an event for the launch of Eupore’s leading brand for natural cosmetic, beauty & wellness products Bottega di LungaVita at Greater Kailash-1, M-Block Market. The company’s products are available in 64 stores across India making  its expansive kiosk in Kunchal’s, Delhi’s leading cosmetic and garment store, its 65th offline presence and the company’s first showroom in Delhi.

The company-branded store offers the complete Bottega di LungaVita experience to patrons. It hosts the entire range of natural and scientifically developed Bottega di LungaVita products that comprise both personal care and cosmetic solutions. A dedicated anti-ageing line with over 15 solutions, whitening products, cosmetic solutions for expecting and post-natal mothers, a baby care range, oils and aromatherapy creams and gels to keep the skin and hair nourished, sun protection treatments and anti-cellulite concentrates and supplements are just some of the many wellness and beauty remedies one can check out and buy.

Bottega di LungaVita is the natural cosmetic line that offers the most cutting edge products for all beauty needs Skin care, Anti ageing, Mom & Babies, Men, Aromatherapy, Bath & Shower etc. is the natural cosmetic line that offers the most cutting edge products for all beauty needs Skin care, Anti ageing, Mom & Babies, Men, Aromatherapy, Bath & Shower etc.

Bottega di Lungavita at Kunchals, GK, New Delhi. 5


Bottega di Lungavita at Kunchals, New Delhi



I am very excited & impressed with the Bottega di LungaVita products specially in the VITA-AGE AURUM range which is an Anti Ageing Range. I picked up the VITA-AGE AURUM Acqua Micellare which is a cleansing solution to try.

Bottega di LungaVita products are available at KUNCHALS, New Delhi.

Sunsilk’s New Natural Recharge Range

Hair is every girl’s prized possession. Whether she is trekking up a mountain, riding a bike on a hot, humid day, or cycling around the city, worries about looking after the strength of our hair can sometimes get in the way of life. But not anymore, – thanks to Sunsilk Natural Recharge, your hair’s natural look and strength can now be replenished. This new range has been tested to makes hair look two times thicker and up to five times stronger, allowing girls to feel confident and fired-up with their worry-free hair.



New Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong and abundant is infused with ginseng plant root extract. It helps to strengthen, nourish and recharge tired hair making your hair look thick & abundant. The new formulation has been co-created by celebrity hair stylist and Sunsilk expert, Jamal Hammadi, to recharge hair’s natural look and strength so that young girls, have one less worry on their mind! For best results, use the conditioner along with the shampoo

Commenting on the launch of this path-breaking formula, Jamal Hammadi says, “Plant root extracts from the likes of ginseng have been used for thousands of years in beauty and health remedies but now I see them on trend more than ever!”

 Sunsilk natural recharge strong & abundant is infused with ginseng plant root extract.  It gives your hair strength and vitality so that girls can live their life to the full with their strong beautiful and visibly abundant hair.  He is extremely proud of New Sunsilk Natural Recharge range as it really does give hair a recharge. Girls can now ride bikes, Trek Mountains, without having to worry about their hair. Sunsilk natural recharge strong & abundant is infused with plant roots.  It gives your hair strength and vitality so that girls can live their life to the full with their strong beautiful thick hair.

Price : Shampoo – 80ml for Rs. 64 & 180 ml for Rs. 132

                 Conditioner – 80 ml for Rs. 64 & 180 ml for Rs. 132

So if you are looking for a new shampoo & conditioner that gives your hair the strength and abundance you want and deserve, take a chance and try Sunsilk Natural Recharge!

Note : Note sent by Brand PR

Gia Bath & Body Works

If you are a regular on the blogshpere, the name Gia Body & Bath Works will not sound unfamiliar to your ears. Its managed by the lovely Gayatri who not only replies to all your queries & questions at all n odd times however also helps you in picking & deciding on products.  She is a Celebrity Stylist and Make up Artist, mother and a soap and cosmetic formulator and a sweetheart.

Gia Body & Bath Works had some great deals in the month of October 2013 & then again starting of November 2013 and I just kept ordering :).







I did bought a few (who am I kidding) lots of mists, soaps & shower gels and she also sent me a few samples (Didn’t I say she is a sweetheart). I am going to be sharing my views on the few products that I am already using however I can already say that there is nothing that you should not try. Her products are as amazing as she is as a person.