Zoeva Luxe Color Blush Last Love: Review & swatches

ABOUT:ZOEVA’s new Luxe Color Blush is a perfection of a silky microfine blended powder for a velvety smooth application. The long-lasting and fade-proof formula lights up your features from sunrise to nighttime and enhances your complexion with a radiant glow in an instant. Be your most beautiful you, all day long.

The soft texture creates a thin and light protective film to shade, layer and sculpt your cheekbones with a natural, fresh and healthy pop of color. Infused with apricot oil and vitamin E the ZOEVA Luxe Color Blush caresses your skin with a glowing finish like it was lit from the inside.

This formula is free of parabens, fragrance, mineral oil and phthalates.

  • Pressed powder blush with a velvety smooth formula
  • Perfect for light to medium skin tones
  • Creates delicious rosy cheeks


PRICE:7.80 EUR for 8/0 gm

PACKAGING:The packaging is neat and clean with a black plastic square that opens up.The packaging is travel friendly but I believe that it isn’t so sturdy and the blush may break if it falls.A mirror is also provided at the other end make it convenient to use.


SHADE:Last Love is a very pretty apricot shade with golden sheen and slight shimmer.It is a shade that anyone can use without second thought.The sheen it has provides a gorgeous glow to face.



MY VIEWS:The texture of the blush is smooth.It is soft and finely milled.The blush applies well and blends easily with other products as well.It doesn’t accentuate pores nor clog them.However,the blush is so soft that after some time the shade merges with the natural colour of the skin.Though ,it is decently pigmented but being a peachy-gold shade,it isn’t insanely pigmented and has to be built up to show properly.It stays for about 3-4 hours after which the colour of the blush starts fading but the golden sheen remains for another 2 hours.



RECOMMENDATION:I love the shade as it is my favorite.The shae is very similar to MAC Style Blush.It is a great shade which will compliment all skin tones.