Kryolan Cake Makeup 626B review & swatches

I have always been fascinated by Kryolan products and this product was bright out of my curiosity.I wanted to try wet and dry formula.Lets see how it worked for me:

ABOUT:Cake Make-up is a color intensive make-up in the form of a compact powder which is moist-applied. Cake Make-up is specially designed for application to the neck, décolleté and body. The preparation-specific base has an hydrophobic effect and also resists transpiration.
Cake Make-up is applied, thin and evenly, by a fine-pored, moist make-up sponge. The applied make-up dries quickly and should then be buffed with a dry towel. Cake Make-up is smudge-proof and does not require powdering. Easily removed with AquaCleans, or with soap and water.

PRICE:rs.700 for 40gms.


PACKAGING: The packaging is a bit flimsy and prone to breakage as it isn’t very sturdy.A round boys with a lid above having grey colour.


SHADE: The shade that i have got suits me very well as it has yellow undertones.It is highly pigmented just like the L’oreal true match super blendable foundation.


MY VIEWS: I bought this powder foundation to use it wet but whenever I try using it with a damp sponge,it forms a thick layer on the top and the product dries up.I had to scratch it for using again and again.So i started using it in dry state as I am really impressed by this.



It is soft in texture and non-gritty.It blends properly without looking ashy.

I would call it to medium to full coverage foundation in powder form.It can look a bit cakey if over applied but it hides all unevenness,blemishes,redness with two swirls.I use my Bourjois kabuki for applying this.



It is completely matte and great for oily skinned beauties but it can be drying for dry skins.I have combination/oily skin and i find it slight drying for myself also.

Staying power is around 5-6 hours after which it starts to wears off  or stays my face stars looking a bit oxidized.


  • highly pigmented powder foundation.
  • soft and smooth.
  • blends easily.
  • medium to full coverage.
  • great for oily skin.
  • matte finish formula.


  • not easily available.
  • will be drying for dry skin.
  • low staying power.
  • the packaging is flimsy and not at all sturdy.


RECOMMENDATION: This can be a good alternative for those who like applying compact instead of liquid foundation.It is highly pigmented but it can be drying for dry skin.