Wella Professionals Blogger Meet


Last week I was invited by the Wella Professionals for the Truth About Color Blogger meet at their Wella Professionals Salon situated at the 5th Floor of the Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi.



It was a fun interactive session where we not only came to know about the truth of the so called “Ammonia Free” selling strategy and how we are harming our hair more by going the amonia free way.

Ammonia-free permanent hair color is the latest vogue in hair color industry and consumers have started showing more affinity towards it as they consider it less damaging . A deep seated myth about hair color highlights ‘Ammonia free Hair color as damage-free, because it does not smell so strong’; But the truth is, ammonia-free permanent hair colors replace ammonia with another – similar active ingredient which even though doesn’t smell,  can be worse for your hair. 


Wella Professionals has been at the international forefront of color innovation for over 133 years. The brand believes in providing superior hair protection & color results, hence hair damage is a very crucial aspect which cannot be ignored. After extensive research and analysis, Wella has decided NOT to go down the path of “no-ammonia” for our permanent hair color.


Maria Castan, Scientific Communication Expert from Wella Professionals said,” Latest permanent color products claiming no or low ammonia typically replaces ammonia with another alkalizer, MEA. Neither MEA not Ammonia on their own are good or bad – it largely depends on the concentration of alkalizer (ammonia or MEA). We have also not seen any advantage of ammonia free permanent color products in terms of hair protection. This is evidenced by both internal and external test data we conducted, as part of our regular innovation benchmarking process”.

Ammonia v/s No Ammonia- The Science: Every permanent hair color needs an active ingredient, called “alkalizer”, so that the hair color can enter the hair cuticles and color it. Ammonia is the most common alkalizer which has been safely used in hair coloring for 50 years. Certain permanent hair colors – sometimes referred to as “no-ammonia” or “ammonia-free” often use another alkalizer called “MEA” instead of using ammonia, MEA is not a new technology. Demi/Semi-permanent colors have been using MEA for more than 20 years in a safe way.  However, some permanent hair color brands, in order to get rid of ammonia & its smell, have also started using MEA. But MEA is used in much higher concentration by these brands as it’s a less effective alkalizer for permanent hair coloring.  AND this can be much more damaging for your hair.

Advantage of Ammonia over MEA: Ammonia has been safely used in permanent hair  and is known to be one of the best technologies in permanent hair s for long lasting performance. It provides excellent grey coverage and pure results without compromising hair vitality. In fact ammonia is a volatile, naturally occurring substance that does its job during coloring and evaporates immediately. That’s why you can smell it so strong and so fast.

Based on a recent survey by Nielsen research, 84% of consumers believe that ammonia-free color is actually damage free . But it’s truly not. Ammonia-free color often smells less during coloring, but that doesn’t mean it’s less damaging.

Wella, a leading international color company for  133 years, has perfected both, its ammonia  and no-ammonia color formulations to provide superior damage protection vs. the leading professional no-ammonia color brand*.

I was a very good session origanised by Wella Professionals to make us aware that “Amonia Free is not Damage Free” . I had a great time specially catching up with Deeptima after a long long time & she is still as cute n bubbly as I remember her to be.  I also met Bharti, Jasvinder & Agnibanya and a few more blogger.


Agnibanya, Deeptima & Me



IPSOS study 2013- 77% Trichologists/ Dermatologists agree “Ammonia free hair color does not mean damage free”

Wella Koleston Perfect/ Color Touch color after color vs. the leading professional permanent no-ammonia color brand

Add a little funk and fun to your look @ Lakmé Salon this monsoon!

Change of season calls for a change of spirit and as the monsoon spells ignite your senses, it’s time to flash the diva look with some bright colours, not only on your nails but also in your hair. So this season don’t just restrict yourself to the usual manicure and hair care but step into your nearest Lakmé Salon to add a dash of colour with funky hair extensions and nail art.IMG_20130720_124208This monsoon let your nails do the talking and let your fingertips make a style statement. So if you are bored of those plain, boring nail colours then it’s time to paint the town red with these chic and trendy nail arts.

Jazz up your nails with rainbows, clouds, colourful designs of umbrellas, watermelons, grapes or any of your favourite fruit of the season. If this doesn’t excite you then don those neon pinks, oranges, fluorescent greens, yellows, funky peaches and plums and style them with different accessories like stones, piercings, stickers and glitters! To beat the monsoon gloominess you can even opt for light pastel shades with contemporary designs and marble finish.

Last week I was invited for an experience Hair Extensions and Nail Art at the Lakme Absolute Salon. The Lakme Absolute salon is situated at South Extension Part 1, New Delhi. I went for a simple Nail Art without glitter and stones so that I could carry then at work too without any being flashy.



The cost of the Nail Art at the Lakme Absolute Saloon in Rs. 499 + taxes.

Hair Extensions

Change of season calls for a change of spirit and as the monsoon spells ignite your senses, it’s time to flash the diva look with some bright colours, not only on your nails but also in your hair. So this season don’t just restrict yourself to the usual manicure and hair care but step into your nearest Lakmé Salon to add a dash of colour with funky hair extensions.

Apprehensive about donning permanent hair colour? Brighten your look with eye-catching, hip, coloured real hair extensions and sport them in different styles. These premium hair extensions are available in three different colours- dynamic red, radiant blue and ecstatic purple and can be tonged, ironed or just left as it blends perfectly with the natural hair.

These extensions are plied onto your hair through a couple of strands and stay for atleast 2-3 months, till your hair grows out. This hassle free, non-cumbersome procedure allows you to get the extension fixed in a matter of seconds. So if you want to save yourself from the ordeal of bleaching your hair, choose from the vibrant array of colours to add that extra wow factor or may be mix up two different highlights and still hop out of the salon in a jiffy.

I did not go for hair extensions as my hair are short however as it started raining like crazy while I was getting my Nail Art done and there was no option of going out, I spended my time at the Lakme Absolute Salon getting a pedicure & a hair cut. The staff at the salon is extremely jolly and helpful. I had a great time at the salon and even picked up a few things from their Retail Bar as recommended by the Hair Stylist.


So hop into your nearest Lakmé Salon to get the new coloured hair extensions and funky nail art and step out in style!

What would you like to try???

*Nail Art was provided by the Brand.