Wild Products Argan Oil -My review!

ABOUT:Loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this organic 100% pure oil has amazing healing, conditioning and repairing properties for the skin, hair, feet, nails and even your baby’s bottom. Argan oil is known as the “Liquid Gold of Morocco” and is extracted from the nut of the Argan tree which only grows in the Moroccan desert. It is light enough to use as an everyday facial moisturizer.


PRICE:rs.2118.Bought it from Luxola.com


PACKAGING:The packaging is nothing fancy but very functional with a dark colored glass bottle having a dropper to get the oil in hand.The oil is generally stored in dark container to keep it away from sunlight.It is easy to use and store but I wont call it travel friendly as it is prone to breakage.



MY VIEWS:The oil is light yellow colored.It is very thin and absorbs quickly in the skin.This oil is easy to spread and only a small amount is needed(2 drops) for entire face.It deeply nourishes my skin and makes it smoother on application.I began using Argan Oil in March;started using this oil twice a day.I used to apply it before sunscreen in the morning and before applying serum in Night.It was working really well.The oil didn’t break me out and I could see a sudden radiance in my face,evenning out of my skin tone and reduction in pigmentation.However,with the onset of summers,I cannot apply this during day as i sweat a lot and my skin feels way too oily.I only apply this during night.



After 3 months of using this oil,I feel that this is an amazing product as it has made my facial skin really smooth.My skin looks nourished and healthy.It has added luminosity and I don’t feel the need to apply makeup as it has reduced pigmentation around the corners of my face.The oil didn’t break me out.I mix 2 drops of it in my serum and spread it all over my face.It absorbs really fast and doesnt leave any stickiness or oiliness behind which is amazing since I have combination-oily skin.I have used this oil on the ends of my hair but I didn’t find much results there(I used it 3-4 times).I sometimes massage this oil on my nails to nourish them and I feel that my cuticles get very soft after that.It can be used as a light moisturizer as well.It helps in healing scars,acne faster also.

I have also tried using this as an under base to add glow to skin.Applied 2 drops of the oil and let it get absorbed and then applied foundation.I saw my foundation spreading easily and it gave a nice dewy finish though I had to use a compact after 4 hours to reduce shine on my face.


RECOMMENDATION:An amazing oil,an amazing skincare essential.I am truly hooked on this.Now,I know why this is called Liquid Gold.Only a small amount is needed .I have been using this bottle for more than 3 months now and 80% is still left.Also,the wild organic one is more economical as it has 60 ml of product which I believe will stay with me for an year.