Blossom Kochar’s Aroma magic Glossy Pack for Pigmented skin

Hello lovelies,

I am always very much concerned about my skin and its health and so the skin rewards me equally. I take care of my skin and my skin is glowing and in return i reflect that glow with a smile. So, happy Happy Story….But there are also some sad moments in this happy story. Since my face is very much prone to tanning. Even after applying sunscreens of high SPF i get tanned every summer.  And sometimes i can see subtle white marks on my cheeks.  They appear from no-where and then again disappear as they never were there. And since these marks are very light i never see them diminishing. One day my colleague told me that this are pigmentation marks on my cheek and then i got “””ooohhhhh!! This is pigmentation””””.

And again thanks to google uncle i did an extensive research on this word and gifted myself a number of packs and cream to un gift myself from this unwanted guest. So, here’s my review to get rid of this marks.


Claims: What does Aroma Magic face pack says?????

  • For pigmentation and dark circles
  • All skin types
  • A special formulation of essential oils and herbal extracts that lighten pigmentation, dark circles, acne, scars
  • Helps to brighten dark and sallow complexion


PRICE: Rs. 250 for 50 g.



This pack comes in a small tub with Aroma Magic packaging. I find the packaging of Aroma Magic really cute. The white and red combination is quite attractive and recognizable. And Aroma Magic is a brand which is trustworthy for each Indian Women. I have recently started using their products and so you can expect a lot of reviews of this brand soon. Now, moving on to the product this tub has a quite thick covering on the top to prevent the product to spill out.


The product is thick in texture and pale green or algae color. I find the packaging and consistency quite similar to our very own Heena (Mehandi). The product has not got any significant fragrance infact any fragrance that’s what I felt.

So, coming to the product we generally mix face packs with water or gulab jal or milk cream. But after seeing the consistency i was seriously confused whether i have to mix it with something or not.


Then finally i thought of using it alone. It’s not so difficult to spread on face as it seems. It gets spread easily but yes i felt that quantity required is little more than other face packs. Well that is because in other packs we mix the packs with some liquid but in this case the liquid alone is used on face. So, in that way this pack is expected to provide more benefits.

Now, Let’s have a look at the benefit factor. I used it on every alternated day for 2 weeks and girls i must say i am amazed. The first day when I applied it my clean glowing skin and the bonus which my dry skin loved was this pack keeps the face hydrated. It does not dries out the moisture out of my face. Not to forget it also worked in lightening my dark circles. I don’t ahve any major dark circles but there is slight darkness in the under eye area. So, this pack effectively removed those marks.

I started using it on every alternate day and here i am sharing the final part of my story. My marks got diminished to a very large extent. It lightened and came at par with my facial skin. I am impressed. With continuous usage one can see clean glowing skin with additional benefits of keeping the skin soft and supple.



  1. Suits all skin types
  2. Effective in removing pigmentation.
  3. Works for dark circles(Lighter ones for sure)
  4. Evens out skin tone with regular usage
  5. Easily available
  6. Keeps skin soft and supple
  7. Can be used regularly without any harsh effect.


  1. I find it little pricey for the quantity given.
  2. Tub packaging may not be appreciated by some.

RATING – 4/5

RECOMMENDATION–This is a must have pack by all girls since each and every girl i feel have some major or minor pigmentation issues and this is readily available. So, go ahead and grab it ladies….it’s available in every nook and corner.