MEMEBOX Luckybox #10 – Unboxing

Luckybox #10 is finally here. In the Luckybox #10 you will find all your favorite beauty goodies featured in previous Memeboxes. You’ll find everything you need to keep on with your Memeboxing. Luckybox #10 includes 7 full size products.



          1. Dr. MJ Bee Tox Control Cream – (Full Size ) $50


Repair & renew with Dr. MK Bee Tox Control Cream rich in skin-repairing agents – bee venom, propolis extracts, tea tree leafs water, rosemary extracts and calendula extracts. It’ll smooth, nourish and rejuvenate the skin damaged or stimulated from external environment by creating a protective moisture barrier over and retaining moisture and nutrition within the skin.

          2. Mstar Malus Intensive Hair Treatment – (Full Size) $ 14


Consisting 70% of apple water and made from 40 different kinds of naturally-derived extracts, the Malus Intensive Hair Treatment works to replenish protein and mineral nutrients to dry, damaged hair ends for strengthening and firming up the hair with continuous use.

          3. The Skin House Aloe Water Mist – (Full Size) $11


A finely spaying facial mist, the Skin House’s popular Aloe Water Mist is packed with aloe moisture for delivering replenishment to dry or irritated skin. A gentle, hydrating mist is definitely q beauty essential for every girl all season long.

          4. Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence – (Full Size) $ 22


Instead of water, this facial essence uses snail secretion, bee venom and EGF to cleanse rough, damaged skin from external stresses and pollution.  In addition to the skin-trouble care, moisture supply, and skin tone improvement functions, it also help brighten up complexion and removes sign of ageing.

          5. E choice Snow Brightening Body Cream – (Full Size) $4


Rich in mineral and herbal complex, the Snow Brightening Body Cream in an instant skin brightener which offer a long-lasting tone up effects as well as deep hydration and nourishment. It’s specially recommended for those troubling over darkened spots, uneven tones or pigmentation.

6. Beauty People Miss 100 Auto Gel Pencil Liners – (Full Size) $ 38


Feature a sophisticated point eye makeup with Beauty People’s gel liner pencils that come in 3 delicate shades – coral, bronze and brown and can be used as both liner and a shadow. They’re auto-type liners that easily glide onto your eyelids, making them easy to use even for makeup beginner. Plus, there’s an eye liner sharpener attached on the other end for convenience.

7.Blithe Patting Water Pack  – Sample Pouches.


No need to stick on a sheet mask every night with Blithe Patting Water Pack. Simply though patting on the water pack onto your skin, it’ll remove the dead skin cells, deliver moisture & nutrition, and renew the skin balance for maintaining soft, moist skin condition. The Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey revitalizes and brightens up the skin and the Soothing & Healing Green Tea is for oil and pore control, while the Rejuvenating Purple Berry  works to improve skin elasticity and firmness.

I am loving all the products in the box other than the Snow Brightening Body Cream. What interests you ???

Deborah Milano Shine creator lipstick-10 review & swatches


PRODUCT CLAIMS:With its multi-performance formula, the new Shine Creator Lipstick brings together three proven properties: the shine of a lip gloss, the comfort of a lipstick and the hydration and protection of a lip balm.
Pomegranate oil is a bountiful source of anti-oxidants and Omega-5 fatty acids that counteract the harmful effects of free radicals, nourishing and protecting lips from the environmental aggressors, while Vitamins A and E have moisturising and soothing properties.
Hypoallergenic**, SPF15.
** Formulated to minimise the risk of allergy.

HOW TO USE:Thanks to its stylo format, its texture is creamy and soft on application, and with a consistency that melts blissfully into lips. The result is a shimmering wet-look shine and a pleasantly moisturised pout.


PRICE: Rs.625

PACKAGING:The packaging is beautiful and elegant.It is sturdy and travel-friendly.The look ,feel and everything  about the lipstick is just amazing and feels luxurious.The shade number is provided at the bottom of the lipstick casing.The shade number and shade indicator is at the top of the lipstick too.


SHADE: The shade 10 is a beautiful light baby pink.It is very sheer and needs atleast 3 swipes to show up properly.It has very minute shimmer that doesnt show up on lips but provide glossiness and shine!!


TEXTURE,FINISH & STAYING POWER: This range has lip shades that are sheer but  buildable and this shade is no exception.

It leaves my lips incredibly soft and supple after the lipstick wears off.These are cramy but not overly that they may bleed.Even after 3 swipes,i dont feel and heaviness.


The formula is amazing for chapped lips.It feels light weight on lips and is non-sticky.

Staying power for this shade is very low ie. around 1-1 1/2 hours being a lighter shade.


This shade will suit fair to medium skin tone girls and it wont cover major lip pigmentation.

Fragrance is very decent and liked by me!!



  • amazing formula.
  • keeps my lips soft and supple.
  • the packaging is really classy.
  • travel-friendly.
  • can be used as a lipbalm as well as a lipstick.
  • non-sticky.
  • light weight.
  • doesn’t settle in the lip lines.
  • glides on easily on lips.
  • does not bleed.
  • has spf15.
  • hypoallergenic.
  • provides a shiney,wet look to lips.
  • a great everyday wear shade.


  • transfers to other objects.
  • no name provided.
  • might not cover highly pigmented lips.
  • low staying power.
  • wont compliment darker skin tones.


RECOMMENDATION: The shade,quality and performance of this shade is top notch.I would highly recommend trying this.I t wont show up on darker skin tones but it can be a wearable everyday day for fair to medium skin tone girls!!!