MEMEBOX Luckybox #10 – Unboxing

Luckybox #10 is finally here. In the Luckybox #10 you will find all your favorite beauty goodies featured in previous Memeboxes. You’ll find everything you need to keep on with your Memeboxing. Luckybox #10 includes 7 full size products.



          1. Dr. MJ Bee Tox Control Cream – (Full Size ) $50


Repair & renew with Dr. MK Bee Tox Control Cream rich in skin-repairing agents – bee venom, propolis extracts, tea tree leafs water, rosemary extracts and calendula extracts. It’ll smooth, nourish and rejuvenate the skin damaged or stimulated from external environment by creating a protective moisture barrier over and retaining moisture and nutrition within the skin.

          2. Mstar Malus Intensive Hair Treatment – (Full Size) $ 14


Consisting 70% of apple water and made from 40 different kinds of naturally-derived extracts, the Malus Intensive Hair Treatment works to replenish protein and mineral nutrients to dry, damaged hair ends for strengthening and firming up the hair with continuous use.

          3. The Skin House Aloe Water Mist – (Full Size) $11


A finely spaying facial mist, the Skin House’s popular Aloe Water Mist is packed with aloe moisture for delivering replenishment to dry or irritated skin. A gentle, hydrating mist is definitely q beauty essential for every girl all season long.

          4. Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence – (Full Size) $ 22


Instead of water, this facial essence uses snail secretion, bee venom and EGF to cleanse rough, damaged skin from external stresses and pollution.  In addition to the skin-trouble care, moisture supply, and skin tone improvement functions, it also help brighten up complexion and removes sign of ageing.

          5. E choice Snow Brightening Body Cream – (Full Size) $4


Rich in mineral and herbal complex, the Snow Brightening Body Cream in an instant skin brightener which offer a long-lasting tone up effects as well as deep hydration and nourishment. It’s specially recommended for those troubling over darkened spots, uneven tones or pigmentation.

6. Beauty People Miss 100 Auto Gel Pencil Liners – (Full Size) $ 38


Feature a sophisticated point eye makeup with Beauty People’s gel liner pencils that come in 3 delicate shades – coral, bronze and brown and can be used as both liner and a shadow. They’re auto-type liners that easily glide onto your eyelids, making them easy to use even for makeup beginner. Plus, there’s an eye liner sharpener attached on the other end for convenience.

7.Blithe Patting Water Pack  – Sample Pouches.


No need to stick on a sheet mask every night with Blithe Patting Water Pack. Simply though patting on the water pack onto your skin, it’ll remove the dead skin cells, deliver moisture & nutrition, and renew the skin balance for maintaining soft, moist skin condition. The Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey revitalizes and brightens up the skin and the Soothing & Healing Green Tea is for oil and pore control, while the Rejuvenating Purple Berry  works to improve skin elasticity and firmness.

I am loving all the products in the box other than the Snow Brightening Body Cream. What interests you ???

MEMEBOX x Cutie Pie Marzia 2 – Unboxing

MEMEBOX is excited to bring you Collaboration #2 with CutiePieMarzia! With over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, CutiePieMarzia’s beauty and lifestyle channel is filled with adorable moments and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with her right away. Marzia’s box is packed with some of the most darling items we have ever seen – including an entire set of Snow White eyeliners!




  • Tonymoly Red Appleox Honey Cream (Full Size) – $12 


Made from Vitamin rich red apple and deeply nourishing honey, Tolomoly’s famous Red Appletox Honey Cream is a daily Facial cream with a unique honey like texture. The bouncy, hydrating gel cream stretches when patted on, giving the skin a massage effect as well as silky finish.

  • Cheek Room Lip Balm Clover 05 Cherry Clover (Full Size) – $12


Cheek Room’s adorable Lip Balm Clover is a true multi-player for not only moisturising dry, chapped lips but also plumping up and reviving the suppleness of dulled out lips. The olive oil, shea butter and jojoba oil formula works to nourish and protect as well.

  • Shara Shara Petit Friend Matte Lip Crayon (Full Size) – $11


The auto type lip cryon glides smoothly onto lips, leaving a highly moist and supple yet soft and silky finish. The color ranges from natural nudy pink to hot, savvy shades for featuring a signature lip makeup.

  • Shara Shara Triple Shine Color Shadow (Full Size) – $15

IMG_4492 IMG_4491

This Triple Shine Color Shadow palette contains 3 diffrent shades of the same color for featuring a natural yet well-highlighted and sophisticated eye makeup. The shadow is also infused with fine pearls that aderes well for a long-lasting, silky finish.

  • The Yeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-In-One Serum (Full Size) – $20


The Yeon’s Jeju Hallabong series boost its organic formula made from the “Hallabong” which is a special type of orange cultivated only in the Jeju island and best loved for brusting with Vitamin C and super sweet & tasty juiciness. Infused with other Jeju-born organic ingredients such as kiwi, brocili and aloe vera, this Energy Mild All-In-One Serum works to replenish, soften and protect the skin.

  • Revecen Face Contril Foundation #002 Violet (Full Size) – $22


This unique Face Control Foundation works to cover up skin imperfections and contour dull, yellow skin tone for a more refined, evenly balanced, and healthier looking finish with base makeup. Plus it contains natural preservatives such as green tea extract and magnolia extracts and thus gentle and suitable for all skin types.

  • Dr. M J Synake Venom Lifting Cream (Full Size) – $69 Approx. – Surprise Gift


Peptide content give rich elasticity for volume full face line. Adenosine and collagen extract give elasticity for younger looking skin. Shea butter and jojoba oil give moisture and nutrition to thirsty skin, for long lasting moisturized skin. Rich nutrition formula soothes tired skin from harmful environment for silky soft skin.

I am very excited with this MEMEBOX and see myself using of the products other than the Triple Shine Color Eyeshadow as its too shiny for my liking. Have you ordered your MEMEBOX yet ???

MEMEBOX Super Box #58 Lipstick Box – Unboxing

Today we have another MEMEBOX unboxing for you. MEMEBOX is very addictive, you can never stop at one box. You will want all boxes that get launched almost on a daily basis. MEMEBOX is the #1 Korean beauty online retailer in the world. Each Superbox comes with its own theme, and contains only full-sized items.


This is for all you lipstick junkies out there. You can go through the rest of this month with the same pand try something totally new. Team Memebox has hand-picked these super rich, super beautiful lipsticks that will become your new lip favourite. From unabashed bold hues to classic shades, you’ll be ready to sport some vicious lips with these hot lippies from top-of-the-line Korean brands.












Shara Shara Feminine Glossy Lipstick

Rich in color formation and smoothly applying in texture, this Feminine Glassy lipstick offers a wide array of color options and it effectively coats your lip with a high level of radiance and long-lasting suppleness, which comes from its gentle formula enriched with Damascus rose oil and rosehip seed extracts.


Enesti Bijou Bijou Lipstick No. 36

Enesti Lipstick boosts its high purity pastel color formation which creates that perfect moist. Voluminous cherry-like lip makeup so loved among Korean celebs and beauty aficionados.


Cheek Room Lipstick

Cheek Room’s moisturising lipstick instantly adds abundant color radiance and firmness to your lip with just a single touch. It’s glide onto lips velvet smooth and offers luminous pearling and emollient effects.


Karadiuom Movie Star Lipstick

Karadium’s famous Movie Star Lipstick combines a lip balm, a tint and a gloss altogether in one smart lipstick. It’ll protect and maintain the moisture level of your lip all day long while offering the perfectly long-lasting, waterproof, vivid and non-sticky glossiness.


Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick

Hope Girl’s Milky balm Lipstick is the ultimate creamy smooth long-lasting lipstick that stays put for up to 10 hours. Get famously beautiful lips that stand out from the crowd with these gorgeous lip colors packed with Vitamin E. It’s guaranteed to keep your lips feeling smooth and looking marveloues every second of the day. Plus how can you resist his perfectly cute packaging.


I Myss 3D Cinema Transform Lipstick

A magical lipstick that changes its color when applied to the lips, the 3D Cinema Transform Lipstick is not only fun & Unique but also effective in delivering colourful vibrancy and softening dry, chapped lips. The Pastel Blue applies on with a light pink hue, The Sexy Red with a more vivid redness, the Pink Red with a coral shade, The Funny Yellow with an orange hue and the Wine Purple with a purplish violet color.


I am very tempted to try all the lipsticks. Will be coming up soon with individual reviews & swatches soon. Which one catches your eye ??

Nyx Roll on Shimmer Sea Foam Review,Swatches & EOTD

ABOUT:Dazzle your face and body with Roll On Shimmer! Jazz up your look with any of the 16 brilliant shades that wears on eyes, face and body. Loose powder with intense shimmer and glitter. Simply apply to your desired body part by rolling on the product and control the intensity of the pigment yourself! Easily blend the shimmer powder using a brush or clean fingers and take with you everywhere you go for added sparkle.


PRICE: 4$ but i got it for rs.400 from Sephora,india!

HOW TO USE: I use this shimmer roll on directly on to  the eye lids over a cream base shadow as it has a lot of fallout without  a proper base.


PACKAGING: As per the name,the eye shadows come in a transparent body which shows the shade of the shadow and a roller ball tip which helps in applying the eye shadow directly on the eyes preventing loose pigments creating too much mess although with this also,i have a bit of fallout!! The name of the eye shadow is provided at the bottom of the tube.



SHADE:Sea Foam is a super gorgeous aqua green with silver pigment.




MY VIEWS: The product comes out smoothly on eyes when the roll ball rotates.It is not at all chunky or gritty. I feel like i am applying some wet pigment on eyes when i use this although they are completely dry and in powder form. You have to be very careful while applying this as it can easily be overdone.It is finely milled but has a lot of fallout.



I try to settle the shadow with a flat eye shadow brush after using the roller pen as this has the tendency to fly and can ruin the entire look.I tried using this shade as an eyeshadow as well by adding a drop of water to  the shadow and making a paste of it.It looked all the more stunning as the shade gained more intensity!

as an eyeshadow with water

as an eyeshadow with water

The shade is decently pigmented and comes out beautifully when used over a darker base.Staying power is around 7-8 hours after which i could see minor fading.


RATING: 3.5/5

RECOMMENDATION: I am so much in love with this shade.The shimmer is gorgeous and provides a stunning look.I highly recommend trying this out.It needs some practice and has fallout.

Faces Canada long wear eye pencil Forest Green Review,Swatch and EOTD

ABOUT:Soft gentle pencils in a rainbow of shades. Use them to enhance your natural eye color for dramatic effect or give you that bright-eyed glow. Gentle and safe for sensitive eyes.


PRICE:rs,349 for  1.2g


PACKAGING:It comes in a sharpen-able pencil packaging with a colored end and cap which makes it easy to identify the shades.The shade name is also written across the pencil.



SHADE:The shade is a gorgeous forest green shade with slight frost finish.It does has a turquoise reflect which makes the shade all the more stunning.The shade definitely draws attention and looks great on all skin tones.



MY VIEWS:The eye pencil has a soft and creamy texture.It glides on smoothly without any tugging or pulling.Once set,it is waterproof and becomes smudge free.I need an oil based remover to remove it properly.The shade is great for all occasions and the pencil formula is great for humid-hot as well as cold weather.It doesn’t fade or crease.The frost finish provides a decent shine to the shade.


The shade stays as long as you keep it on your eyes.It is decently pigmented and I have worn it on the waterline as well.It did not irritate my eyes.



RECOMMENDATION: A gorgeous shade paired with a great formula at decent price.I highly recommend checking this out.The range has many other shades that are nice.This can be worn to office as well.


Maybelline Color Tattoo By Eye Studio- Bold Gold: Review & Swatches

Festive season is here and I am again digging into glitter shades,glitter nail paints.One of the main shade that shouts festivity is golden!!I have this gorgeous color tattoo from Maybelline that I use as an eyeshadow base as well as an entire lid color.Both ways;it is a winner!!

ABOUT:Dare to wear 24HR shadow.  Ink technology creates 24HR wear shadow for our most intense, long-lasting color saturation.  Cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps color vibrant.  Ophthalmologist-tested.  Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  Illuminate. With fingertips, sweep all over eye from inner corner and work outwards.  For added drama, darken as desired.


PRICE:Rs. 350

PACKAGING:They come packed in a small bulky glass jar that i cute but hard to store and risky for travelling with.The shade name and number are provided on the black cap.I always store them upside down to prevent drying.


SHADE:It looks a little dusty gold in the pot but when its swatched,it is a pretty yellow bright gold with slight gold shimmer.I would call it as a gorgeous antique gold with some shimmer.



MY VIEWS:It is creamy and easy to apply.It settles into a  satin finish that looks good on lids. The shade blends easily with other products of different nature as well.It stays on lids for as long as you want.I have used this shade as base of powder eye shadows and it makes them all the more vibrant.It looks gorgeous when used as a liner as well.Staying power is around 5-6 hours without a primer.


However,like MAC Paint Pots,these too have a tendency to dry up..My Bold Gold also got dried and i revived the intensity by mixing up the entire eyeshadow It is much smoother and creamier now.I did not add any eye drops or any other stuff.


RECOMMENDATION: Yes,worth a try!!!It is a great shade for the coming festive season.Do check it out!!

Inglot matte Eyeshadow 371 review,swatch & EOTD

I got this eyeshadow recently and have been  loving wearing this quite often.The shade is super bright and lovely.Read on my full review to know about it:


PACKAGING:This is a refill and not a full-sized eye shadow. The shade number is provided at the back.This is a matte finish eye shadow.



SHADE: The shade 371 is a bright cyan blue.It looks really gorgeous in the pan and swatches as a bright shade but it is not as bright as it looks on eyes.



MY VIEWS: The texture if the shade is buttery smooth.It is easy to use and soft.The shade has fallout but I generally pat the brush to avoid mess under the lids..I feel that the matte finish shadow is much smoother than the shimmer one.The shadow is finely milled.It applies easily and blends well with other shades.



The shade is highly pigmented and one swipe imparts good amount of color onto the lids which can be built further.It doesn’t crease or fade for about 5-6 hours in this humid-hot weather and I am sure that it will stay more in cooler weather.I love pairing this shade with black in the outer lid.It really stands out and provides a sultry look.It can be applied alone or with other shades to create fun looks as well.However,it looks bright in the pan but it is warmer and subtle on lids.


RATING: 3.75/5

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend checking out this shade to those who like brighter shades.It is an awesome shade for fun looks.

MAC Magnetic Nude Collection Fluidline It’s Physical Review,Swatches & EOTD

Its Physical was a part of Magnetic Nude collection launched in March 2014.This shade caught my attention because of the stunning duochrome effect it has.


ABOUT:Ultra-smooth, Fluid line’s gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Goes on “foolproof” with a brush in an easy dip-and-stroke action. Long-wearing. Smudge-proof. Lines up in a rich array of colours and finishes. Brush sold separately.


PRICE: rs.1100 or $ 16 USD for 3 g / 0.1 US oz.


PACKAGING:The packaging is just like MAC Gel liners but its is small.The glass pot with black cap is very neat and sturdy.The shade name is provided at the bottom of the packaging.


SHADE:Mac describes “It’s Physical” as a Brown with purple pearls in frost finish.I would describe this shade as stunning golden brown with fine purple shimmer that adds to the duochrome effect.




MY VIEWS:The texture of the fluidline is amazingly smooth and soft.It is dream to apply.The formula is very creamy and glide son eyes very easily without nay tugging or pulling.However,this creamy consistency does lead to making a thick line instead of thin line.However,I mostly use this fluidline as an all over eyeshadow and it look oh so stunning in that way.The shade looks sultry and one of a kind!!




Its Physical is decently pigmented.One swipe provides medium amount of shade.Since,it is shimmery,it looks a bit sheer but it is buildable to full coverage.As an eyeshadow all over the lids,it can be used for smoky looks.However,the shade cannot be used as a base for powder eyeshadows.Its stays for about 8-9 hours.



RECOMMENDATION:I love this shade to the core.It is super pretty and looks gorgeous on lids.It is my saviour for smoky look when I am in a hurry!!I highly recommend this if you can get hold of this!!


Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick Coral Pink Review, Swatches

ABOUT:Fall in love with color, all over again: Crisp Color from pure color


  • Creamy Feel, with a built in lip balm
  • SPF 15 for sun protection
  • 16 Captivating Shades


Direction for Use:- Apply your lipstick by starting in the center of your lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip for a gorgeously perfect finish.


PRICE:- Rs.250 for 4gm


PACKAGING: I am not a fan of this kind of packaging but in 250 bucks what else you can get.A muted orange(rusty) shade outer packaging with metallic silver line in between.The packaging is neat and sturdy.The shade name is provided at the bottom.


SHADE: Coral Pink is a bright pink with slight orange and warmer undertones.The shade isn’t true coral but it is bright and does lit up the face.



MY VIEWS: This is one of the earlier range of Maybelline but the formula and finish is as usual amazing.The texture of the lipstick is soft and very creamy.It glides on like butter on lips providing a lot of hydration and moisturizing dry chapped lips.It is easy to apply and evens out on lips nicely.However,I feel that sometimes,the over smooth formula does make the lipstick bleed.It doesn’t settle in the lip lines or accentuate dry lips.It is light weight and comfortable.



The shade is decently pigmented and one swipe provides medium coverage.It can be sheered  or applied more for fuller coverage.The staying power is around 2-2.5 hours which is average because of the creaminess of the finish.The shade is very pretty and it will compliment all skin tones but the pink effect will vary accordingly.


RATING: 4.25/5

RECOMMENDATION: These are some nice budget lip colors from maybelline.It brightens up the face and is great for daily and office wear.I highly suggest checking this range.

Ranbaxy Sucros50 Aqua Lotion Sunscreen-My Views

I have become an avid user of sunscreens since last year.Earlier,I used to step out in the sun wearing no protection on my face which has resulted in slight pigmentation around the corners of my face.I have tried many sunscreens ranging from Lotus,Lakme,neutrogena,Shiseido,Vichy.However,all these are under cosmetic section so this time I took a step further and bought a pharmacy sunscreen and I am happy that I did.



  • Spf 50
  • Non-greasy water resistant sunscreen
  • Octinoxate,avobenzone,oxybenzone & zinc oxide gel
  • Contains imported nano-sized zinc oxide for complete UV-A & UV-B protection
  • Superior UV-A protection compared to ordinary sunscreens
  • Water resistant formula

It has the Boots Star Rating of five stars***** hence awarding it the tag of one of the best broad spectrum (protects against UVA & UVB rays) sunscreens. This sunscreen contains Octinoxate, Avobenzon, Oxybenzone, Octocrylene & Zinc Oxide Lotion. The Octocrylene present in this sunscreen prevents the skin from DNA damage caused by sun.


PRICE:Rs.330 for 60ml.


PACKAGING:The packaging is nothing fancy with a white colored bottle having a pump which dispenses the product.It is sturdy and travel friendly plus it is neat and doesn’t get messy.



SHADE:The sunscreen is a liquid white colored lotion.

MY VIEWS: The sunscreen spreads well on face and blends out nicely on skin.It does leave a blue colored tint on face which is for a second or two.I have combination oily skin and this lotion is slightly rich for me as it makes my face little bit oily.I apply compact over it for a matte finish.I has never broken me out.It is lightweight and feels comfortable on skin.


I have worn this sunscreen for about 5-6 hours under scorching sun and voila!!,I didn’t get tanned.I was shocked to see this.I got to see a lot of difference in my hand and face.Also,another plus point is that this sunscreen is water-resistant and even  after sweating,i feel that this sunscreen doesn’t wear off.I do have to apply compact after sometime.


RECOMMENDATION:I highly recommend this sunscreen over cosmetic ones as this provides extra protection and is reasonably priced.The lotion is more suited for dry to normal skin tones but it didn’t break me out.