Zoeva Powder Polish(107) Brush Review & Pics

ABOUT:The ZOEVA Powder Polish brush is a large, luxurious powder foundation brush, ideal for the professional application of loose and pressed face products. The dome shaped, dense taklon hair applies the product easily and evenly. Polished finish in a flash.

  • Large powder foundation brush with soft vegan taklon hair
  • For the seamless application of loose and pressed foundation
  • Polished finish in a flash


Pick up a good amount of powder and blend and diffuse the product onto the skin for a soft finish with medium to high coverage. The Powder Polish brush is also ideal to blend foundation edges along the jawline for a seamless makeup result.


PRICE:The brush costs around 1700rs.


PACKAGING:It comes in a plastic cover secured in a black pouch.I love the packaging as it gives a classy and neat look to the brush and makes it travel friendly.I can put other brushes in this bag when I am on the go.



MY VIEWS:Powder Polish is part of the new launches by Zoeva in 2015 collection.It is a large, fluffy yet dense brush which is perfect for use with mineral or powder foundation as it allows you to really buff such product into the skin.


I find that this powder brush is great in all zones,be it foundation, loose powder or even blush but it also works wonderfully well with liquid products due to the denseness of the brush. If you like a flawless finish from your foundation with very little work this is the brush for you.I have been using this for buffing liquid foundation and the results are flawless.It provides airbrushed look and is easy to work out also.

The bristles are dense and very soft.I just love the feel of the brush on my skin as it is not at all harsh or abrasive.I find it a great brush to be used for powder as well as liquid foundation.


RECOMMENDATION: Highly recommend trying the Zoeva brushes.They are heaven!!

IN2IT Line stay Flexi Tip eyeliner-Very Matte Review,Swatches & EOTD

ABOUT:A ‘very black’ waterproof eyeliner that dries to a matte finish with nylon hair brush applicator for precision eye lines. Super long wearing and quick to dry. No running, no smudging, no ‘panda eyes’, no fragrance. Easy to apply and remove.Can be peeled off easily.



PRICE:I bought it for around 200 baht(rs.400) from Bangkok.


PACKAGING:The liner has a simple packaging with a shiny black tube and an applicator.The tip of the applicator is thin and I love that it doesn’t have hair so application is easy and precise.The tip is very good in applying thin as well as thick lines.



THE LINER:Now,coming to the liner..It is fab!!I was looking for an intense matte finish liquid liner for a very long time and I finally found it!! So,I bought 2!!

IMG_1265-crop IMG_1268

MY VIEW:The liner has a medium consistency.It is neither thick nor flowy and very easy to apply.The liner dries quickly to an intense matte finish which provides a nice definition to eye.

under direct sunlight

under direct sunlight 

under natural light

  under natural light

I love the tip as it is easy to make a wing with it.It stays for good 7 hours on me in this humid weather.Also,removal is very easy as it easily comes out with mild makeup remover or it can be peeled off but I haven’t ever tried peeling it.

under white light

under white light 

under white light

under white light


RECOMMENDATION: Finally my search for ‘MY KIND’ of liner is finish.i highly recommend stocking this of you can avail it!!


MAC Archie’s Girls Collection-Kiss & Don’t Tell Lipglass Review & Swatches

ABOUT: “High-gloss, glass-like finish tinted with pale peach, pink, and coral as sweet as Betty herself. Wear it alone or pair it with Lipstick for a perfectly glossed look.”


PRICE:Rs.1100 for 4.8 gms.

PACKAGING:The packaging is simply beautiful.It is very cute featuring animated Betty’s pic and hearts.A white  cap does-footed applicator adds to the gorgeousness.The applicator is helpful in even application of the lip glass.


THE SHADE: MAC Kiss & Don’t Tell Lip glass is described as ‘bright coral’.I would call this shade as a pinky coral shade that is sans any shimmer or sheen.


MY VIEWS: The lip glass has slightly sticky formula, but the sticky feeling doesn’t last long. It has soft creamy finish and looks really pretty on lips. The lip glass gives really great coverage and color payoff.



It wore well for about 4 hours and didn’t settle into the lines on my lips or feather at all.I find it slightly sticky when freshly applied but after 5 minutes.it gets fine.The lip glass provides medium to full coverage.It is a great shade to be worn for a brunch.



RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend this shade as it will suit everyone and gives a bright look to the face.It is slightly costly than regular lip glass price but it is totally worth the splurge!!!

M.N ME NOW GENERATION-II “LONG LASTING Lip Gloss-37” Review, Swatches

ABOUT:The characteristics of this lipstick is Non-stick cup ,no rub off. velvet matte surface . use Olive oil or discharge makeup oil to discharge. And Lips will be a bit dry in the winter, so please use of it with lip balm. Thanks!
Want to be a make up talent? If you have it, it will come true.
It is absolutely safe for you to use them.
PRICE: rs.200
The lipsticks are matte and considered to be a cheap alternative for Limecrime Velvetines. Thai girls were crazy for these lipsticks.At first,I was confused to buy them but seeing the craze,I gave in the temptation and bought these.
PACKAGING:The lipsticks have a very cute packaging.It has a cylindrical shape and a black wand with a sponge applicator.They are number based.The lipsticks are easy to use and travel friendly.
SHADE: 37 is a very bright neon orange-red in tube but transforms into a gorgeous orange when applied on lips.The shade does has slight neon effect on lips as well.
MY VIEWS:This lipstick has a very light weight formula.It is easy to apply but you have to be careful as it can get streaky easily.The formula is great and dries up quickly providing a matte finish.The shade is decently pigmented and One swipe provides medium coverage which can be built up further.However,over application leaves a patchy layer to I stick to 1 layer only.The staying power is around 5-6 hours without any eating or drinking,
My major issue with this lipstick is the removal as I have to vigorously use an oil based removal to get away with this.The lipstick has a mild fragrance that is fine with me.
RECOMMENDATION: These are a cheap alternative and I truly agree with this as these are cheap for sure!!Not happy with the formula though the shades are very pretty.

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Loose Powder Illuma Flair Review

ABOUT:Ultra-fine loose powder in a translucent formula to suit every skin tone. Sets make-up, keeping complexion shine-free and flawless. Contains light-reflecting Illuma Flair™ complex for a natural and luminous result in any light.


PRICE:rs.649 for 7 gm


PACKAGING:The packaging is simple but I like it as the transparent round body with a black cap makes the overall packaging look sleek.It has a swifter inside to control the amount of product that comes out.However,my tub got upside down and the entire powder has come up.


SHADE:The powder itself is white in color but once applied,it dusts off and has a translucent effect.It is a great product as it provides a matte finish without altering the shade of the foundation.


MY VIEWS:The texture of the powder is very smooth.It is finely milled and doesn’t feel abrasive on skin.It is easy to apply and blends easily into the skin giving a matte appearance to the face.However,it doesn’t make the face look flat but adds a soft glow to it.It doesn’t provide a white cast also.


I am using this for over a month now and loving it as it quickly makes the face matte and I am ready to go. Also,the matte look stays for about 6 hours max which is quite impressive.However,this might not be your choice if you are looking for a powder that provides coverage.


RECOMMENDATION:I highly recommend checking this out.It is very soft and delicate in texture.The formula is great and it is worth the price tag.

Gerard Cosmetics *Nude* Lipstick Review,Swatches & Pics

Gerard Cosmetics is a fairly new brand that has gained quite a lot of fans very early.Thy have lipsticks,lip glosses,star powders(highlighters) and now they have added matte liquid lipsticks which are very much raved about!

ABOUT:Buttery, full coverage and a stunning neutral hue that can be mixed with any lip color to create the perfect lip color.


PRICE:19$.I got it for rs.1750 from La Makeup Affaire .



PACKAGING:The lipstick has a nice golden-colored outer bullet which makes it different from MAC and Indian brand lipstick packaging so it is easy to identify in vanity.The shade name is provided at the bottom of the packaging.


MY VIEWS:I have almost all the shade in lipstick but a neutral nude was missing so this was the best option available as I got to try the brand and the formulation of the most raved about lipsticks these days.



Nude is a neutral brown shade with slight peach undertones which is really good as it prevents my face from looking flat or washed out.It is a great shade for Indian skin tone(nc30-40) as it has a pastel effect but it isn’t too much.I have become a fan of the formulation.The lipstick has a smooth and soft texture that is easy to apply .It is not dry but not moisturizing as well.The formula is comfortable and light weight on lips.The lipstick is quite smooth so you should keep them in a cooler place else they can melt.



Nude is decently pigmented but since it is a light shade,you need at least 2 full swipes.It covers my slightly pigmented lips very well.The lipstick has a semi-matte finish on application that soon turns into matte but the best part is that even thought this has a matte finish,they don’t accentuate dry flaky lips.I simply love this formula as it is great for those having dry lips.


Girls who have dry lips and stay away from matte finish lipsticks can definitely try this.The staying power is also good for about 5 hours.I find that this shade is best suited when you wear a base or BB creams as it will provide an even look to the face.Also,the entire look turns from simple to sultry when this lip shade is complemented with smoky eyes.


RECOMMENDATION: I am in love with this shade and plan to haul a few more shades.I like the texture,the shade and the finish.Highly recommend checking this out!!


ABOUT:The characteristics of this lipstick is Non-stick cup ,no rub off. velvet matte surface . use Olive oil or discharge makeup oil to discharge. And Lips will be a bit dry in the winter, so please use of it with lip balm. Thanks!
Want to be a make up talent? If you have it, it will come true.
It is absolutely safe for you to use them
PRICE: rs.200 each.
There were many shades to choose from but I got these 3 only.
The lipsticks are matte and considered to be a cheap alternative for Limecrime Velvetines. Thai girls were crazy for these lipsticks.At first,I was confused to buy them but seeing the craze,I gave in the temptation and bought these.
PACKAGING:The lipsticks have a very cute packaging.It has a cylindrical shape and a black wand with a sponge applicator.They are number based.The lipsticks are easy to use and travel friendly.
I wanted to share my reviews but that will be done in separate posts as each shade is different in terms of formula and application.
Below are the swatches:


  • 37: An orange red.I love this shade as it is quite different from other shades available.
  • 17: A vivid blue pink.The shade has slight neon effect.
  • 14: A pretty pastel peach with golden shimmer


I have mixed views regarding these.Stay tuned to know more about them!!

Revlon Colorstay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner Blooming Blue Review, Swatches & FOTDBlue that

ABOUT:This eyeliner is from Revlon. The details include: enriched with Vitamin E and aloe, soft cream base, intense colour, water proof, smudge proof, lasts long and easy to remove.


PRICE:rs.615 for 1.2gm

PACKAGING:The liner has a wooden pencil body with the cover being same shade as the shade of the liner.It is easy to use,travel friendly and easy to sharpen.



SHADE:The shade Blooming Blue is a gorgeous indigo deep blue.I find it to be quite different from other shades of Blue that I have tried.It is creamy and sans any shimmer.



MY VIEWS:The liner is super smooth and easy to apply.It glides on without any tugging or pulling.It applies well without any streaky lines or creasing.I like the shade as it is intense and brightens up the eye look.It is very different from the Blues available int he market.Once applied,it can be smudged in the initial seconds to get a smoky blue look but once set it doesn’t move.I have used this as an eye shadow base as well and Love the effect.


The shade is very pigmented and stays for good 7 hours on my lids however the staying power the staying power is low when applied over powder shadows.


RECOMMENDATION:I highly recommend trying this shade as it is an amazing colour and the effect is great too.

Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50 Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch Review & Pics


  • With Mexoryl XL + antioxidant minerals from Vichy thermal spa water
  • Anti-oxidant protection, anti-cutaneous damages and photo-ageing prevention
  • Paraben free, preservatives free, fragance free


PRICE:rs,1200 for 50ml


PACKAGING:The sunscreen comes in a bright yellow tube.It is easy to use and carry but I prefer pump dispensers over this as most of the time,I get extra amount than needed.

SHADE:The sunscreen is white colored cream that is neither too thick but nor too runny.


MY VIEWS:The sunscreen is easy to apply and spread.It is light weight and quickly gets absorbed into the skin.It makes the skin oily for the initial few seconds but after that it settles down and my skin looks fine with no oil or greasiness.I used this sunscreen during my vacation and I was all the time near the beach under direct sun.This sunscreen is amazing.It is so comfortable to wear and once applied.I dust off my face with a finishing powder and I am done.It doesn’t feel patchy.One more thing is that even though this sunscreen has spf 50,still my pics come out very well.It did not break me out neither did it clog my pores.


Earlier I was reluctant to use this sunscreen but now I am addicted to it.I find it great for outdoor wear.


RECOMMENDATION:An excellent product.I highly recommend it to everyone.!!

Colorbar Definer Lip Liner – 009 Cocktail Peach Review, swatches & Pics

ABOUT:Here comes a perfect partner for your lipstick that keeps it in place for an all daylook.This waterproof magic lip wand works as a fabulous lip filler which makes a proper matte base for your lips. The innovative refined formula follows and outlines the lip contour with an adjustable coverage and does not smudge.




PACKAGING:The lip liner has a rather long pencil as compared to normal lip pencils.It comes along with a sharpener which makes the lip liner quite handy.It is easy to use,handle,apply and carry.



SHADE:Cocktail peach is a gorgeous mix of peach with coral.It not red,not neon orange.I love the shade to the core and how it brightens up my face.The shade is matte,absolutely shimmer or sheen free.

Under natural light

Under natural light 

under flash

under flash

MY VIEWS:The lip definer has an amazing formula.It is like a matte lipstick in lip liner form.The texture is firm to apply but creamy enough that I dont have to drag the liner on my lips.It is easy to apply and provides a crisp shape to lips.Staying power is also amazing which is about 6-7 hours.



It wont call it moisturizing or very hydrating but it is comfortable on lips.It can accentuate dry lips so proper exfoliation is necessary.

It does fade a bit from the inside of the lips but that’s not an issue.Cocktail Peach is amazingly pigmented as well and brightens up my face to a large extent.However,it can accentuate the unevenness on skin so a light base is needed with this.


RECOMMENDATION:There is absolutely nothing that I dont like in this beauty.It is a must have shade.Price is reasonable and I love to use it for ombre lips effect.A highly recommended product.