Gerard Cosmetics *Nude* Lipstick Review,Swatches & Pics

Gerard Cosmetics is a fairly new brand that has gained quite a lot of fans very early.Thy have lipsticks,lip glosses,star powders(highlighters) and now they have added matte liquid lipsticks which are very much raved about!

ABOUT:Buttery, full coverage and a stunning neutral hue that can be mixed with any lip color to create the perfect lip color.


PRICE:19$.I got it for rs.1750 from La Makeup Affaire .



PACKAGING:The lipstick has a nice golden-colored outer bullet which makes it different from MAC and Indian brand lipstick packaging so it is easy to identify in vanity.The shade name is provided at the bottom of the packaging.


MY VIEWS:I have almost all the shade in lipstick but a neutral nude was missing so this was the best option available as I got to try the brand and the formulation of the most raved about lipsticks these days.



Nude is a neutral brown shade with slight peach undertones which is really good as it prevents my face from looking flat or washed out.It is a great shade for Indian skin tone(nc30-40) as it has a pastel effect but it isn’t too much.I have become a fan of the formulation.The lipstick has a smooth and soft texture that is easy to apply .It is not dry but not moisturizing as well.The formula is comfortable and light weight on lips.The lipstick is quite smooth so you should keep them in a cooler place else they can melt.



Nude is decently pigmented but since it is a light shade,you need at least 2 full swipes.It covers my slightly pigmented lips very well.The lipstick has a semi-matte finish on application that soon turns into matte but the best part is that even thought this has a matte finish,they don’t accentuate dry flaky lips.I simply love this formula as it is great for those having dry lips.


Girls who have dry lips and stay away from matte finish lipsticks can definitely try this.The staying power is also good for about 5 hours.I find that this shade is best suited when you wear a base or BB creams as it will provide an even look to the face.Also,the entire look turns from simple to sultry when this lip shade is complemented with smoky eyes.


RECOMMENDATION: I am in love with this shade and plan to haul a few more shades.I like the texture,the shade and the finish.Highly recommend checking this out!!

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