ABOUT:The characteristics of this lipstick is Non-stick cup ,no rub off. velvet matte surface . use Olive oil or discharge makeup oil to discharge. And Lips will be a bit dry in the winter, so please use of it with lip balm. Thanks!
Want to be a make up talent? If you have it, it will come true.
It is absolutely safe for you to use them
PRICE: rs.200 each.
There were many shades to choose from but I got these 3 only.
The lipsticks are matte and considered to be a cheap alternative for Limecrime Velvetines. Thai girls were crazy for these lipsticks.At first,I was confused to buy them but seeing the craze,I gave in the temptation and bought these.
PACKAGING:The lipsticks have a very cute packaging.It has a cylindrical shape and a black wand with a sponge applicator.They are number based.The lipsticks are easy to use and travel friendly.
I wanted to share my reviews but that will be done in separate posts as each shade is different in terms of formula and application.
Below are the swatches:


  • 37: An orange red.I love this shade as it is quite different from other shades available.
  • 17: A vivid blue pink.The shade has slight neon effect.
  • 14: A pretty pastel peach with golden shimmer


I have mixed views regarding these.Stay tuned to know more about them!!

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