Ponds Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream Review,Swatches & Pics

ABOUT:Ponds Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream is rich textured night cream works overtime to fight aging signs as you sleep, so in time, you can wake up to skin that looks visibly youthful and radiant.
Works overtime as you sleep, to diminish signs of aging.
Minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and prevents more from appearing.
Prevents dullness and enhances overall skin radiance.
It maintains skin texture, tone and elasticity.

Apply using upward strokes from chin to cheek every evening on thoroughly cleansed face.




PACKAGING:The night cream comes in a thick translucent glass base having a red colored plastic cap.The packaging is sturdy but heavy.It has a small flap inside to keep the cream safe.



THE CREAM:The cream itself is thick pink colored but it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly.


MY VIEWS:I wanted to try this night cream since a long time.I have been using this cream for about 2 months and I must say that this is a wonderful product and one of those products that actually show results.The cream itself is thick but it gets easily absorbed and gives a very satiny finish to skin.I feel like my pores get a bit smaller when I apply this as if I am wearing a primer.It brightens up my face and takes away all the tiredness.I feel skin has become softer since I have started using this cream.


It doesn’t clog pores,the cream is very light weight and a small amount is only needed.After using it for about 2 months ,I can safely say that this cream has improved my skin texture and evened out my skin tone.I have brought radiance to my face and I love the mild fragrance that it has.I apply it over a serum and it blends well.Every morning I wake up with a fresh face that I love!!


RECOMMENDATION:I love this night cream and I highly recommend it to everyone looking for a decent night cream that actually shows results.Its not very expensive considering other brands that tag night creams at such exuberant prices.

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