Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm(Coconut) Review,Swatches & Pics

ABOUT:A totally versatile pot of magic based on bees wax and vegetable oils. Use on sides of eyes, lips, face, cuticles or any area which is dry, sore or roughened to instantly restore softness.


PRICE:rs.249 for 15ml.



PACKAGING:The packaging is uber cute and one of the main reason to stock this balm.I have tried the Vanilla one before and loved it but I couldn’t resist this coconut one for the chocolate outer packaging which adds a further touch of luxe to the wonderful product.The code number of the balm is provided below.


THE BALM:The balm is a rich emollient petroleum jelly kind of product. It is very similar to Vaseline but this one is less thick and less sticky in texture.


MY VIEWS:Its been more than 3 years I have been using these protective balms and they have always shown results.I have been using this on dry lips,cuticles,rough toes,dryness around the nose and this little beauty helped me solve all the products.It is very moisturizing but not greasy.


The balm instantly gets absorbed into the skin.It doesn’t make my skin look oily even in summers.The result is also immediate as the dryness goes away quickly.I love the mild coconut fragrance that it has.It is very light and soothing.The formula is great for everyone,for dry skinned as well as oily skinned but over application can definitely lead to greasiness.


RECOMMENDATION:I have used so many creams,gels and lotion but my final resort is always on this.It is an essential product in my vanity and I will continue to use it forever.

One thought on “Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm(Coconut) Review,Swatches & Pics

  1. This is must have for me during winters. I have tried so many products but it turned out as my favorite. Liked the review..it was a great read!

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