Diana of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick-Quite Impressive(36) Review,Swatches & Pics

ABOUT:An amazing lip color in a liquid form with matte iridescent & metallic effects assures long-lasting make up results. The creamy soft velvety texture is light and comfortable. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, the non transfer lip color allows perception in every occasion.

For a perfect finish, outline your lips with Diana lip liner selecting a shade similar to the lipstick shade chosen and fill in gently with 2000 kisses wonderful lipstick.

  • Allow at least 4 – 5 minutes drying time after application for stability.
  • For a more gorgeous effect use Diana Extreme shine lip gloss over lipstick.


PRICE: rs.699

PACKAGING:The packaging is nothing fancy nor even luxurious.However,it is mess free and functional.The lipstick has a transparent body and a blue metallic cap.It looks a bit flimsy but it is sturdy and travel friendly.The shade name and number is mentioned at the bottom of the tube.The applicator is sponge based and applies the lipstick neatly.

118 120

SHADE: Shade 36 is a warm toned pink with peach undertones.It looks really pretty on my complexion and is a great shade for summers.


MY VIEWS: I have been using this amazing lipstick for over a month now and I am completely in love with it.The formula is so smooth.It applies quickly and dries fast.The lipstick doesn’t settle in the lip lines neither does it transfer to other objects after it completely dries.It is stain-resistant and stays for 5-6 hours.It does leave a red stain behind.


Quite Impressive is highly pigmented and a perfect shade to cover lip pigmentation.It provides opaque finish in one swipe but I go with another layer to even out the lip corners and lines.The shade brightens up my face instantly and is easy to wear since it has warmer undertones.However,with such a shade you need to be careful in precise application as a little bit of imperfection will also show up.


RATING: 4.25/5

RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend checking the entire range.The formula is very comfortable on lips and doesn’t dry out my lips.Also,this kind of product is great for summers,lunch and a day out with friends as it is a fun shade.

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