Lotus Herbals Berryscrub Strawberry & Aloe Vera Exfoliating Face Wash Review

ABOUT:For skin that looks as great as it feels, try our BERRYSCRUB. The creamy lather cleanses and natural exfoliators polish your skin to reveal dazzling complexion.
Active Herbal Ingredients:
Strawberry Seeds: Exfoliating agent removes dead skin cells. Prevents formation of blackheads and gives instant glow.
Aloe Vera: Excellent moisturising and skin healing properties, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
Lemon Extract: Antioxidant, natural skin cleanser.
Orange Peel Extract: Good antimicrobial and anti- inflammatory properties.
PRICE: rs.125
PACKAGINGLotus Herbals Berryscrub comes in a soft press able plastic tube which is partially see-through. The tube has a flip cap with a hole for the product to run out. The details about the product and brand are printed on the top side of the tube body with an attractive shiny finish.
MY VIEWS: The texture of the scrub is smooth.It is quite runny in consistency and can easily spill.I find it quite runny.It should have been a little thick as I am not able to scrub the face easily.The presence of aloe vera makes it quite hydrating. The color of the scrub product is transparent base with brown-orange mixed type of scrubbing particles. The base is like a gel.
The fragrance of the scrub is quite weird.I thought it would have strawberry and aloe vera fragrance to it but I think it is some sour fragrance that I personally don’t like.The granules aren’t too harsh on skin.I feel that they should have put more granules to make the scrub more effective as it hardly works on scrubbing and removing blackheads and all.The scrub lathers well and my face feels fresh after wash but I can’t consider this as a scrub.It did not cause any break-outs.
RECOMMENDATION:I don’t find it anywhere near to be called a scrub as it lacks the amount of granules needed for exfoliation.However,it is soothing and freshens up the face.

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