QVS Eye Smudger Brush Review & Pics

QVS are the experts in cosmetic tools. From brushes to brows, flawless faces to fabulous fingernails, QVS has products to suit every application. QVS Retractable Lip Brush gives perfect shape to your lips and makes you look beautiful.


ABOUT:QVS Eye Smudger is specially designed to give your eyes desired makeup look.

  • A smokey eye look or blending different eye shadows is lot easier now.
  • A long handle allows perfect grip to hold.
  • Soft and dense bristles does not harm you.
  • It sports a bevelled tip, made from fine textured sponge.



PACKAGING:The brush comes in a transparent cover that has to be cut to get the brush out.It has a cardboard.The brush itself has a matte black handle and very smooth bristles that are short and adjusted in round shape.



MY VIEWS:I bought this brush as I have always liked QVS brushes since they look neat and I like the quality of the bristles.I really like this brush.It comes handy not only for smudging for also for blending the edges and softening the harsh lines.The round bristles help in easy smudging as well as blending.



Being short,they are easy to keep control on and works fine with smudging kajal as well as shadows.I really like the clean look of the brush.It is easy to clean.It doesn’t even shed hair.


RECOMMENDATION:I highly recommend checking this out.It is easy to use,reasonably priced and works really well.

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