Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara Review,Pics & EOTD

ABOUT:Add amazing volume root to tip in just one stroke This Amazing Volume mascara magnifies your lashes to give amazing volume effect without any clumping! The revolutionary volume brush allows for full coats separating the lashes root to tip for maximum volume all day!





PACKAGING:The mascara comes neatly packed in a black colored tube with a transparent ‘outer’ layer.The packaging is simple and sturdy.The wand is pretty much thick and it comes out clean without messing up the mouth of the mascara tube.


THE MASCARA:The mascara is deep black in shade.I wont call it darkest black but it is pretty much deep!!


MY VIEWS:The mascara is neither too thick nor too flowy consistency.However,it feels quite wet on application.The mascara dries up quickly.I feel that the shade isn’t too dark or intense and great for everyday wear.I need at least 2-3 coats of this to get some amount of volume .It applies well in the inner small lashes easily.


The mascara did not clump even after 4 coats which is a great thing.It holds the volume for good 6-7 hour which is pretty satisfactory.The mascara wand is comfortable to use and doesn’t irritate my lashes.



RECOMMENDATION:I wont call it an amazing Volume mascara but an amazing everyday mascara.It is convenient to use and great for everyday wear.Also,it is easy to remove with a mild cleanser.

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