Everyday Wearable Soft Smoky look

Aah,so this is the last row to test out.Now,that I have used all the 5 rows,I am ready with the review of the palette as well.I really enjoyed using the shades in this row as they were smooth,nicely pigmented and the result is pretty impressive.

  1. Prep and prime your lids.???????????????????????????????
  2. Apply shimmery Taupe-grey in the crease and in the outer V of the lids.(Defy)???????????????????????????????
  3. Apply shimmery grey next to Defy bringing it towards the inner part of the lid.(Angel)???????????????????????????????
  4. Apply champagne pink shade in the inner corner of the eye.Use the same shade to highlight the brow bone as well.(Last Sin) ???????????????????????????????
  5. Darken the outer corner of the eye using the black shade in the row.Use the same black int the outer corner of the lower lid.(Revolver)???????????????????????????????
  6. Highlight the brow bone and the inner corners of the eye.
  7. ???????????????????????????????Tightline your waterline using a kohl.Apply a winged liner and mascara.

Row used:





More Pics:





Altogether it was really fun to try out this look and all the looks from the palette.It is quite handy and compact.I will update a full review on the palette soon.

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