Easy Peasy Smokey look with a touch of Glitter!!

So,here’s a much awaited look for my dear friend Geetika.She wanted to do a smokey look with some peach in it.So,I went ahead and created a look using peach,black and  a bit of pink glitter.

It is super easy to do and takes about 5 minutes!!

Here are the steps :

1)Prep and prime your lids.Apply a soft medium brown in the crease blending it.



2)Now,apply your blackest black kohl or kajal that doesn’t crease.Be sure that the kajal is not too emollient.Apply it on lids from the rim till the crease.


Blend,blend and blend it them to get away from any harsh lines.


3)Now,take a black eyehadow.It is solely up to you for the kind of black shadow you want to use.It wanted a bit of shimmer so I went for that.You can go for matte black as well.Apply the black shadow on the smudged kohl.Dont swipe it across.Rather,pat pat pat to build the intensity.

??????????????????????????????? Now,you can go ahead and blend the black and the brown slightly in the crease to get and even look.

4) Apply your favorite peach eyeshadow.I used a peachy gold shadow to highlight the browbone and the inner corners of the eyes.Blend the peach shadow with the brown in the crease as well.


Apply kohl in the waterline.I skipped the liner here but you can apply it if you like.Applied the same black in the lower lid and smudged it with the brown shadow.Applied mascara.


Now,to add glam to the look,I applied a bit of pink glitter in the inner corners of the yes and blended the edges to get an even look.I used a glitter liner for this purpose.


The final look:




Products used:



Wet n wild coloricon liner-Black Black.

Deborah 02 eyeshadow

Deborah Milano trio-o6(peachy-gold shade)

Meilin Pink Glitter liner

Clinique High impact Mascara

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