Smoked Pink-Valentine’s Day Eye makeup look!!

So,Valentines Day is here and I decided to do a makeup look using Pink and purple.The shades are such that they themselves add a romantic touch to any look.Here’s the tutorial of the look:

1) Prep and prime your lids.


2)Apply a white base on your lids just till crease.Here,I used a white kohl pencil,You can use a white paint pot or nyx jumbo milk pencil.I softened the edges to make it look neat and blended. 


3)Now,I applied a taupey brown shade in the crease.I used this shade as it has a slight tint of purple to it which will make the look more blended and even. 


4)Now,I used a deep purple shade and applied it in the crease over the taupe shade and blending it upwards.I used the same shade and applied it int he outer corner of the lid as shown in the pic below. 


5)Now,I highlighted my brow bone using  a shimmery golden shadow. 


6)In this step,I applied a gorgeous pink shadow with minute golden shimmer in it on my lids.I di not blend it much with the purple as the taupe shade applied in the crease kept the look remain blended.

???????????????????????????????7)Now,I applied a matte black shade in the outer corner of the lids where I had applied purple as well and extended the black shade bringing it in the low outer lids as well.


8)Applied the golden highlight shadow in the inner corners of the eyes. 


9)Defined my brows,applied liner(winged),used a white kohl to kept it feminine.Added loads of mascara.I wanted to use artificial lashes as well to make the look more dense but my lash glue has dried.

???????????????????????????????The final look :



Wear this look with highlighted cheeks and soft pink lipcolor and you are all set to go for the date!!



  • Sleek Oh So Special palette-purple & Black shadows.
  • Inglot 495(pink shadow).
  • L.A.colors Solar eyeshadow quad(golden shade for highlighting.)
  • Deborah Mono eyeshadow 02(taupe brown shade)
  • Lakme insta liner.
  • Oriflame nude kohl pencil.
  • Oriflame Volume Blast mascara.
  • Loreal eyeshadow brush

Hope you guys liked the look and would recreate it..Happy Valentines day!!! ❤

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