Zoeva Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Palette: Review & Swatches

ABOUT:Exquisite but pure and simple. Enhance your natural features with a healthy dose of basic shades or create a bolder look with smoked up contours. Earthy hues like mocha, cocoa and taupe build a must-have palette. Nude is timeless, nude is coolness, nude is en vogue!



PRICE:Rs.1547 (€16.80).



PACKAGING:The packaging is simple yet very elegant.A beige colored cardboard.There are 10 shades with names mentioned below thats really a plus point.The packaging is neat,clean and sturdy.



SHADES:This is a neutral palette with earthy ,brown tones and of course a black shade to go with any look.



The ten shades contained in the palette are:

  • Pure: An off white matte shade.Decently pigmented.
  • Soft and sexy: A medium matte brown. Pigmented and smooth.
  • Smooth harmony: Smooth and shimmery gold with a little bit of silver in it.It has slight duochrome effect.
  • Forever yours: This is the most unique shade in this palette. It is a smooth light brown with a bluish duo chrome effect to it.
  • Slow dance: A smooth and pigmented matte brown.
  • First love:  White eyeshadow,can be used as a highlight as well.
  • Casual Elegance: A pale gold which is an excellent all over the lid color or as a highlighter for the inner corners.
  • Sweet sound: Pure bronze which is absolutely stunning on brown eyes! Smooth and pigmented.
  • Lovely Monday: Chocolate brown with a touch of gold shimmer. Ultra pigmented and smooth.
  • Timeless chic: Matte black which is sheer but smooth.
  • ???????????????????????????????

MY VIEWS:All the shades are decently pigmented.I love the shades as they are wearable and can be used for creating subtle as well as intense look.My major concern is the lack of pigmentation in Timeless chic.It can be used for soft smoky look as well as when used wet.However,on its own,it is very sheer and i have to use My sleek Oh so Special Noir to get the intensity of a black shade.However,all the shades blend well and don’t crease.They stay for about 5-6 hours which is fine.

Did this look recently using this palette:


More pics of this look  HERE


RECOMMENDATION:This is a nice palette available at a decent price that can be used for everyday looks as well as smoky looks.I highly suggest checking this out.


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