The Faceshop Lovely ME:EX You & Eyes Sand Brown Review,Swatches & EOTD

ABOUT:Silicon coating power leaves moisturizing and smooth touch without flakes.
Silky touch texture enhances adherence.
Jewel-like glowing pearl that delivers transparent and sophisticated shimmer.
Sebum control powder absorbs sebum to remain for hours.


slides on smoothly
staying power
soft texture
controls oil





PACKAGING:I like the simple,neat and sturdy packaging having a transparent plastic square packaging with a cute moustache sign over it.It is definitely travel friendly and would break even after 3-4 falls(I have encountered it !!)


SHADE:The shade is a super shimmery golden with slight brown undertones that adds warmth to it.It is a great shade apt for parties and special occasions.


The shadow has a glittery formula.It is smooth but the shimmer particles are a bit bigger.They can be felt when touched and applied.The shadow has  a sheer base and the shimmer pops up.It looks gorgeous when paired with a darker shade.The shade has a good staying power but I can see it creasing when not used over a good primer.



It might crease faster on oily lids.It stays for 5-6 hours.One problem that I have with this shadow is that the shimmer particles stays on eyes and fly across the face when I remove the shadow.



RECOMMENDATION:I love everything about this shadow except that it stays on the face after removal.It doesn’t have any fallout but it does stick on face. Other than that,it is a very pretty glittery shade that I love.


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