Avon Glimmersticks Lip Liner Pencil – Mystery Mauve review & swatches

PRODUCT CLAIMS:Enhances the wear of any lipstick. Smooth, glide-on color. Long wearing. Retractable, self-sharpening.


PRICE:Rs. 229/0.25 g



PACKAGING:The packaging is simple with a black retractable pencil.The shade name and a small shade indicator is provided at the side.


SHADE:Mystery Mauve is a deep brown undertoned mauve shade.It comes out a bit darker on lips as compared to the swatch.



MY VIEWS:The lip liner are decently pigmented.It provides a matte finish.I wont call them smooth but they aren’t very drying.I feel that the lip liner is a bit harsh on lips which might be due to the fact that I don’t use it much and might have started drying up but your lips need to be properly exfoliated.


The liner is comfortable on lips but appears to be a bit drying.It doesnt transfer to other objects.

I usually use it as a base and it works well.Sometimes,it can be used as proper lipcolor with a clear gloss over it.


As a lip liner,it is fine as it helps in providing definition to lips.

Staying power is around 4-5 hours when used as a base for lip shades.You can easily see through the lip swatch how it accentuates the dry flaky lips.The shade does brighten up my face though!


RECOMMENDATION: I generally stay away from such deep dark shades but it is a nice addition.Also,it is a lip liner so I can use it under a nude shade to just add a bit of colour to lips.

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