Look of the Day-Yellow Peplum feat. Elle Short Blazer

So,we did a quick look yesterday.The weather here in Delhi is cold and you can wear a sweatshirt to feel comfortable.I was wearing a short blazer and couldn’t carry it for a long time.

However,we had and amazing time at DLF Promenade.Sharing my outfit pics:


I chose a Yellow colored sleeveless Peplum And paired it with a Burgundy-Brown colored Short Blazer.





I wanted to wear my boots as I have been missing them for quite a while and this look seemed perfect to carry them off!!


My favorite pair of hangings !!


A pearl ring is enough to add statement to bare hands!!


Since I had quite  a colorful outfit,I chose a neutral colored statement neckpiece t go with the overall look.


After all the pics and loads of fun,I was literally getting red in that blazer..so flaunting the bright Peplum!! :p


  • Peplum: Zara
  • Jeggings: Zara
  • Blazer: Elle
  • Boots: Haute (GK-1 M block Market)
  • Ring: Online E-store
  • Hangings: Bloom (DLF Promenade)
  • Neckpiece: GK M block
  • Bag: DKNY
  • MUA: Me,myself!! 😀


Stay tuned for more girls!!!


Did You like the look?Pls comment and share your views!!


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