Lakme Insta Liner- MY absolute fav till date!! Review,Swatches & Looks

I simply love liquid liners and I am always in search of a jet black liner.But even after stocking so many brands,this is one liner I use all the time(mostly!!).



I was at Claire’s and saw the staff girl wearing a gorgeous matte black liner.I couldn’t resist myself and out of curiosity went to her and asked what she was wearing on her lids and can you guess her answer??? Yes,I was this Lakme insta liner only.This isn’t the first time that I asked a girl and she replied with this answer.I t has been quite often that I keep on asking others whatever I like and when it comes to liners,I usually get a reply for this or Lakme iconic!!


ABOUT:This lightweight, deep intense, water-resistant black outliner gives you comfortable eye make-up all day long.



PACKAGING:Dont go on the packaging.I know it is very flimsy and at first glance even I didn’t want to buy it but the product is amazing.It has a glass bottle with a plastic cap having the applicator.The tip if the applicator isn’t very thin r thick and good for precise application.



SHADE:The shade is Jet black.The blackest liner I have used till date and the finish is classy matte.


MY VIEWS: This is a liquid liner but the consistency is just right.It is neither too thick nor too runny and dries quickly.I like the ease of use as the applicator helps in sturdy application and I can easily draw a thick liner,a flick or a winged liner as per need.It doesn’t feel heavy on lids,neither does it flake.The liner is water resistant but not waterproof.I can wear it all day long.

This liner stays for about 5-6 hours and doesn’t budge.It comes off easily with a mild cleanser and is a great buy for beginners as they can practice with this liner since it is easily available at dirt cheap rate.The formula provides matte finish which I like.

I have used it in the following looks:





RATING: 4.5/5

RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend this liner.I am sure every girl must have used this liner at one point of time.No matte how many liners I buy-high end or drugstore but when I need an intense effect,I rely on this!!

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