Bourjois Paris liner clubbing Ultra Black liquid eyeliner Review, Swatches & EOTD

ABOUT:Easy to use and apply, this blacker than black liner helps create intensely beautiful and sexy ‘doe eyes’.
Formula enriched with black mineral pigments for maximum intensity.
Ultra resistant, with 8 hour hold. 100% sweat and tear proof – tested and approved by clubbers.


Can be removed with a non-oily make-up remover.


PRICE:rs.710 for 4ml.

PACKAGING:A black plastic outer packaging with a thin applicator brush.The packaging is nice,sleek and sturdy!!The brush is thin and long which enables drawing very thin lines too but this can be a difficulty for beginners as they might not be able to draw precisely.



SHADE:I chose the shade Ultra Black ,there is one more black available but this one is considered to be jet black and I truly agree with that.The shade is an amazing black that I adore to bits and has glossy finish.



MY VIEWS:The liner has thin liquidy consistency but it’s not runny.When applied,you can feel the thin texture as against thick .It provides glossy finish but it’s not among those shiny finishes but I hate!!It provides a very classy look and definitely stands out.It is water-resistant but not waterproof and comes off easily with mild cleanser or even with water.


It dries up quickly and I like the fact that I can draw the thinnest possible line or thicken it as per need.I love to draw a winged liner using this.It stays comfortably for about 7-8 hours.The liner doesn’t crack or chip when worn.


However,this isn’t a cup of tea for everyone as you need to have a sturdy hand while using this.Also,this can never be my choice when I am in a hurry.



RECOMMENDATION:I love the formula,finish and quality of the liner.The tip is amazingly thin and I can doodle using this liner as well.I love Bourjois for its awesome products,packaging however,the price has been ever-increasing which keeps many of us away from trying the great products.


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