Oriflame The One Volume Blast Mascara Review,Before/After Pics!

ABOUT:Oriflame The One Volume Mascara is a product from the High Impact Range. Lash-grabbing brush catches every lash for super separation and bombastic volume. Conditioning actives hold on to moisture for soft, lubricated ad conditioned lashes and Vitamin E that provides immediate nourishment. Bold Boost Wax System helps to create a rich, smooth & creamy consistency for ultra volume and easy application.


PRICE:Rs.529 for 8ml.


PACKAGING:The packaging s simple with a garnet colored outer body .The wand is nice.The applicator handle is long with does help me in applying the mascara.The bristles are dense and neatly placed which makes the application tidy and no mess is created around my eyes.



SHADE:Deep black.

MY VIEWS:I love mascara as they complete the eye look.I am sure every girl seconds this!!I have tried many mascaras from Oriflame.This one is the newly launched in The One colllection.The mascara is aimed at providing volume to lashes.I prefer such mascara only.The first thing that you notice when you try this is the ease in application.The formula is so good.It is neither heavy nor too gloopy.The consistency is just right.Also,it doesnt make my lashes hard when it dries.The lashes does get conditioning.


Secondly,the bristles of the wand are placed appropriately and the length of the wand applicator is perfect so that I can apply the mascara on small,inner lashes as well without messing up the entire look.On application,I do see immediate results as my lashes get a good amount of volume(almost 2x).I would call this volumizing as well as lengthening mascara.It separates and coats each lash beautifully.The mascara dries up within 5-10 seconds which is great as I can put a second layer for added volume. I can see my lower lashes getting volume as well as length.You Can see in the before/after pics as well!!



The formula is smudge-proof  and waterproof.I have used this for about 7-8 hours and it stayed nicely.It comes off easily with a mild cleanser which is a great advantage as the eye area is very sensitive.I generally remove my eye makeup with baby oil though!!

with one coat each on upper and lower lashes

with one coat each on upper and lower lashes


RECOMMENDATION:The One Volume Blast mascara is a hit for me.The whole range seems to be promising.This smacar is great for girls who like to add volume and a little bit of length to their lashes.The results aren’t very very dramatic but yes they are quite noticeable.I highly recommend checking out this mascara.

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