Lotus Herbals tea tree & cinnamon face wash-Review

*Guest Post by Pallavi Bose*

I seldom use face wash. I am more of a scrub girl. But this face wash came on days when I was going through bad skin days. Use to hear this from mummy in childhood but it’s really true. If you skip meals or eat irregular it will show up on your face. So true. That’s what happened with me. I was going through mood swings and in this case the most victimized person is foods. So, it suffered. I was very irregular with my meals and thus my skin punished me. Got several bumps here and there.

And that’s how this face wash came in my life.

ABOUT:Specially formulated for oily skin, this absolute oil control face wash contains Tea Tree Oil, Cinnamon and Oak Bark extracts which remove excessive oil while regulating the Sebum (Oil) production in the skin. These special ingredients in this premium face wash decrease acne type lesions and combat free radicals leaving the skin fresh, clean and clearer.


How to use:

Squeeze a small quantity on wet palm of your hand. Apply on wet face with circular motions. Wash off. Use regularly mornings and evenings and follow with Lotus AcneGel for best results.



PRICE: Rs.145 for 20 grams

MY VIEWS:I love LOTUS for their fuss free packaging. Tube packaging is sometimes best. Easy to carry and use. This face wash also comes in tube packaging with medium in size. Once the flip top cap is shut the product does not dispenses out which makes it very easy for travel.


Lotus Tea Tree & Cinnamon Anti Acne Oil Control Face Wash is a colorless gel with runny consistency. It has tiny white granules in it which are quite gentle on skin. The presence of mild granules makes it quite perfect for daily use. It does not lather much and the smell is not at all overpowering. I message my skin for about 3-5 minutes with this face wash after which I finally rinse off. You will immediately face a cooling and fresh sensation after you have rinsed your face. Also, it does not dries out face as most of the face washes. The cooling sensation prevents zits and pimples to further grow. It reduces the size of pimples with constant usage and ultimately they vanish within 3-4 days. Also, this face wash keeps oil secretion in check preventing any more breakouts. So, a must purchase from my side for all the oily and problematic skinned ladies.

What impressed more is the ingredients list. It has the goodness of tea tree and cinnamon and oil bark extracts which are excellent in controlling oil which is the main reason for bad acnes and breakouts.

The quantity is sufficient for 1.5-2 months usage. Not bad at this price…what say????


RECOMMENDATION:It is specifically designed for your bad skin days when most of the products don’t work or either overworks making it more problematic for you. So, this is a surely try from my side.

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