L’Oreal Professional Volume Expand Conditioner-Review & Pics

*Guest Post by Pallavi Bose*

I heard from a beauty guru that if you use things of same range then the results are more visible be it skin acre or hair care. I also thought it makes sense…so now I always buy things of same range and seriously some of them seem to work.

So, continuing with the L’Oreal professional volume series here is the conditioner.


Firstly let me give a little brief about what is conditioner??? Conditioners are hair care products that are supposed to change the texture of hair. (Of course very less do that). They are supposed to gives moisturizing properties to your hair and protect the hair from the dryness created by shampoo. They also make the hair tangle free and smooth and soft. Conditioners are of varied kinds like – Volumnizing, color protect, damage therapy, hair fall. The one I am reviewing today is volumizing.


ABOUT: If you have thin, lifeless and very fine hair then make L’Oreal Professional Volume Expand Conditioner your best hair care product! The unique formula boosts volume to thin hair without making them sticky and oily. Experience bouncier and fuller hair with the volume expands range.

  • Leaves no residue build up after washing the hair.
  • Restructures hair fiber by adding repairing ceramids into hair strands.

Price: Rs. 475 for 150 ml.

Direction to Use – Apply on towel dried hair after washing your hair with Volume Expand Shampoo. Leave on for 2-3mins and rinse thoroughly.


PACKAGING:The conditioner comes in a big green tube which is not at all travel friendly. It is heavy and bulky. All the product details are mentioned on the tube itself in a much more detailed way. The texture of the conditioner is thick and creamy. It is clear white in color. I am quite  poor in terms of fragrance. This conditioner has very light smell so I couldn’t sense it.

20140625_134751_resized 20140625_134919_resized

MY VIEWS:The conditioner is made thinner with water. I flip my hair upside down and apply the conditioner on the remaining portion of hair other than scalp. Very little quantity is required to use on my shoulder length hair. It is quite easy to spread the conditioner on my hair. As soon as the conditioner gets spread you can feel that your hair gets smoothed. I usually leave the conditioner for 3-5 minutes after which I rinse my hairs. The conditioner easily gets washed off. While washing you will feel that your hair has no tangles. It is so smooth and soft to touch. But my hair is usually smooth and soft. So, I cannot credit fully this conditioner for that. But yes it does the de-tangling job superbly. I let my hair air dry and when it is completely dried. My comb easily runs.


But coming to the volumizing claims it again did nothing in that respect. But it impressed me as a conditioner.


RECOMMENDATION:Buy it as a regular conditioner. If you are looking for the volumnizing claims then you are bound to get disheartened like me.

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