Ranbaxy Sucros50 Aqua Lotion Sunscreen-My Views

I have become an avid user of sunscreens since last year.Earlier,I used to step out in the sun wearing no protection on my face which has resulted in slight pigmentation around the corners of my face.I have tried many sunscreens ranging from Lotus,Lakme,neutrogena,Shiseido,Vichy.However,all these are under cosmetic section so this time I took a step further and bought a pharmacy sunscreen and I am happy that I did.



  • Spf 50
  • Non-greasy water resistant sunscreen
  • Octinoxate,avobenzone,oxybenzone & zinc oxide gel
  • Contains imported nano-sized zinc oxide for complete UV-A & UV-B protection
  • Superior UV-A protection compared to ordinary sunscreens
  • Water resistant formula

It has the Boots Star Rating of five stars***** hence awarding it the tag of one of the best broad spectrum (protects against UVA & UVB rays) sunscreens. This sunscreen contains Octinoxate, Avobenzon, Oxybenzone, Octocrylene & Zinc Oxide Lotion. The Octocrylene present in this sunscreen prevents the skin from DNA damage caused by sun.


PRICE:Rs.330 for 60ml.


PACKAGING:The packaging is nothing fancy with a white colored bottle having a pump which dispenses the product.It is sturdy and travel friendly plus it is neat and doesn’t get messy.



SHADE:The sunscreen is a liquid white colored lotion.

MY VIEWS: The sunscreen spreads well on face and blends out nicely on skin.It does leave a blue colored tint on face which is for a second or two.I have combination oily skin and this lotion is slightly rich for me as it makes my face little bit oily.I apply compact over it for a matte finish.I has never broken me out.It is lightweight and feels comfortable on skin.


I have worn this sunscreen for about 5-6 hours under scorching sun and voila!!,I didn’t get tanned.I was shocked to see this.I got to see a lot of difference in my hand and face.Also,another plus point is that this sunscreen is water-resistant and even  after sweating,i feel that this sunscreen doesn’t wear off.I do have to apply compact after sometime.


RECOMMENDATION:I highly recommend this sunscreen over cosmetic ones as this provides extra protection and is reasonably priced.The lotion is more suited for dry to normal skin tones but it didn’t break me out.

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