Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Clarifying Face Pack Review & Pics

ABOUT:Regular use of this tea tree clarifying face pack helps get rid of pimples, acne blemishes and spots. Clarifies facial complexion and enhances facial brightness.

Active Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil- Anti-acne, Antimicrobial, Antioxidant. Petit Grain- Fights skin problems, blemishes & acne. Juniper-Antibacterial & anti-acne. Bergamot- Anti- microbial, useful for oily skin problems & prevents acne.


How to Use: Apply a generous amount on face and neck leaving eyes. Relax till completely dry. Rinse with fresh water.

PRICE: RS.275 for 120 gm.


PACKAGING:The packaging is simple having a long tube.It has nozzle dispenser.The packaging is sturdy but the products accumulates at the mouth of the nozzle and dries up which has t be cleaned.



MY VIEWS:The pack has a thick creamy consistency.It has somewhat herbal-minty fragrance.It is easy to apply and spread all over the face.However,over application can make it a bit messy.I have noticed that whenever I apply this,I can feel it working on my acne as there is some sensation on face.It washes off well and leaves a clean,refreshed face behind.


Whenever,I get and acne,I apply this and it does help in reducing the acnes.It removes extra oil from face and to some extent,it does control the oil secretion.



RECOMMENDATION:I love this product as it actually works on acnes and is great for summers.

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