Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint Constant Candy(401) Review & NOTD

I got this nail paint as a gift from a friend.Though,i love pastel shades,I do stay away from pastel nail paints as they tend to make my hands dark and my nails are no so good to flaunt such shades easily.However,I loved this shade and wear it a lot these days!!

PRICE:rs.75 for 6ml


PACKAGING:The packaging is cute with an elongated circular body.The bristles are soft and helps in easy and nest application of the nail color.



SHADE: Constant Candy is a pale pastel pink.It is kind of barbie doll shade but ti looks good on well manicured nails.The shade can accentuate streaky lines so it has to be applied carefully.It is devoid of any sheen or shimmer.



MY VIEWS: The nail paint has a thick consistency.It provides medium coverage in a single layer which can be built upto full in another layer.However,due to slightly thick consistency,i prefer applying the second layer when the first layer dries up completely else it gets a bit gloopy. The.The shade can look streaky if applied fast.It has creamy formula but application isn’t so smooth.


Like other Color Show nail paint,this too dries up in 2-3 minutes.However,the finish isn’t fully glossy or fully matte,it is somewhere in between which gives polished look to the nails.The shad lasts for about 2-3 days on my nails.It does make my hands look darker.I am not a nail are person but those who like nail art can come up with many ways to use this shade as it acts wonderfully as a base as well.


RATING: 2.75/5

RECOMMENDATION: Personally,I ma a fan of pastel shades but I am not good at carrying them easily.This shade is gorgeous but it isn’t very smooth in application and does look streaky.

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