Current Night Skin Care Routine!!

I have been following this routine for quite sometime and I love the effect…Read on to know more about the products:


~Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum(Rs.699): I bought this serum on the recommendation of the S.A. at Neutrogena counter and I must say,it is a wonderful product.I basically bought this for my dull face and pigmentation at the sides of the face.The pigmentation isn’t fully gone but it is definitely reduced and my face looks much brighter and even.It has active retinol so I use this only at night.

~Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil(Rs.2,150):I don’t use this everyday,only when I has a super hectic day or I break out.Though,it is an Oil but it is really effective on pimples and long-term use can definitely help in reducing scars and marks.It is light weight and absorbs quickly.The oil is not at all greasy and whenever I use it,I do notice a subtle glow on my face the very next morning.

~Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Serum(Rs.899):I use this Serum everyday along with Neutrogena Brightening Serum.I started using this after a few days of starting Neutrogena .This has made my skin really soft and add a luminous glow.My skin looks much better an d even toned now. I love the fragrance too.

~Vichy Thermal Spa Water(Rs.650):This is basically to refresh my face and I spritz it after cleansing my face. I love the cooling sensation it provides.


I do use an Eye cream on which I will be updating a full review. Hope you guys liked this post. What’s your skin care routine for bedtime??

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