FACE IT ARTIST TOUCH Creamy Matte Lipstick- RD301 Review & Swatches

This is another shade that I got along with BR801.

ABOUT:Creamy texture enhanced with Light Powder offers vivid and long-wearing color that glides effortlessly with a velvet-smooth finish.”



PACKAGING:The packaging is simple but easy to identify in vanity as these have black casing.A little chubby packaging but travel friendly and sturdy.The shade number is provided at the bottom. The packaging is different from MAC packaging as this is more plastic and the black tone is also very different.



SHADE: The shade is a gorgeous coral pink with creamy finish.It is sans any shimmer or sheen.Pure delight!!



The texture of the lipstick is really smooth and it glides on easily.It applies evenly and doesn’t bleed.The formula is light weight and feels comfortable on lips.The finish is rightly described as creamy matte.It is non-drying though not very hydrating.


The shade doesn’t settle in the lips lines neither accentuate them.It stays for about 4-5 hrs on my lips leaving a mild pinky coral stain which looks really pretty.This shade is more pigmented and more bright as compared to the other nude peachy shade and comes under the bold shades category.


It is decently pigmented to cover lip pigmentation and doesn’t bleed.It will suit all skin tone but the intensity will definitely differ.

RATING: 4.25/5

RECOMMENDATION: The shade is super gorgeous and I love pairing it with light smoky look.





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