VOV Eyeshadow Duo Review,Swatches,EOTD

I got this duo as a gift from friend and I have used these 4-5 times.I have never had a  duo combination of classic black and grey for perfect smokey look and when she offered me this,I happily agreed.

PRICE:Rs.150 or so I am not sure.


PACKAGING:The packaging is simple and little flimsy with a plastic round black outer covering.Nothing is mentioned on the packaging about the shade or number or brand.No applicator provided!!


SHADES:The shades in the duo are-black and silver.The black shade has some colored particles though they don’t transfer on the lids neither are visible in the swatch.The silver grey is basic shade.


MY VIEWS:The texture of the shadows is smooth but not very soft and creamy.These are on slightly drier side and have to be swiped 3-4 times to get the shade.They have a little gritty feel though they apply well.The shades blend well with each other and the pigmentation does increase when used over a primer.The shades stay for about 4-5 hours on my lids.


I personally feel that the black shade should have been more intense to get the perfect look.



RECOMMENDATION:This is a good option for girls who are new to smokey eye look as it is reasonably priced.However,I feel the quality should have been better.


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