Ponds Bright Moist Detox Lipstick-07 review & swatches

I got this lipstick as a gift from one of my friend.I was surprised to see Pond’s lipstick but when I googled,I found out that Ponds does manufacture lipsticks as well.


No information is provided about this beauty.


PRICE:Although,I am not sure about the price but I found it to be around rs.175 when I searched for it online.

PACKAGING:The packaging is sturdy and girly with a pink body having transparent shield.It doesn’t look cheap but it isn’t very classy as well.However,at such an amount,It is definitely awesome!


SHADE:The shade is a gorgeous berry tone pink that will look excellent on all skin tones making them bright.This is the shade that is most suited on Indian complexion.It is sans any shimmer.



MY VIEWS:The formula is quite moisturizing. The lipstick has a creamy texture and it glides on easily.It is soft and doesn’t settle in the lip lines.The shade itself is highly pigmented to cover lip pigmentation and brighten up the face.It doesn’t look OTT and can be worn to office as well as can be used on special occasions.


It stays for good 5 hours leaving behind a deep pink stain on lips.The lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips.It feels comfortable and light weight.


RECOMMENDATION:Overall,I really like this lipstick and highly recommend if you can find this.Thanks Neeha if you are reading this.The lipstick is amazing!!!!


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